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Wholesale Kitty Cute

2011 new style and beautiful hello kitty watch

Kay sings cute cat (HELLO KITTY) accompanied many girls grow in their minds, she is always close friends, but also sweet childhood memories; they are lovable cat fans. Kay sings with the strong popularity of cats, she has unknowingly infiltrated into our lives. Her latest masterpiece is the birthday in November, before the arrival of the introduction of the latest kitty watches.

Japan's most famous Cats is called Hello Kitty. We must be very familiar, very like, this is only big round eyes and whine head cute cartoon cats, but oh born in London, England. November 1, 1974, no mouth, round face, wearing a bow on the left ear, there is a small tail length of Hello Kitty was born. Kitty live in the suburban town house London, England, is the seat of two-storey red roof little white house, away from central London (the Thames) 20 kilometers. Hello Kitty home town where the population of about 20,000, Hello Kitty grandparents lived in a nearby forest, as long as enough time to walk past. Holidays, Kitty father would drive with his family to visit grandparents. Hello Kitty school located in the City of London, home to 4 km. Kitty is riding the bus to school every day, just over three stops away. HELLO KITTY lived in a harmonious, happy family. Each family member has its own personality. Today, more and more popular Hello Kitty watches, and Hello Kitty has also been a series of watches with consumers, reach the hello kitty series of watches with a home!

If you are a fan or want a hello kitty new kitty watches, consider the Internet to see, and if you want to choice many kitty watches that I suggest you watches wholesale, because you can get it very affordable price get it.

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August 8th, 2012 at 1:28 am