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White Cat Kitty

Understanding Kitty Chromosomes by Paulina Jenkins

The study of kitty chromosomes is really not much different than studying human chromosomes. It is a fascinating procedure that can offer an insight to how cat development occurs. There are many different aspects that need to be taken into consideration when studying feline DNA, and the results are astounding to many in the medical and veterinarian field.

In all cats there found to be 19 pairs of kitty chromosomes. One set is inherited from the mother; the other set is from the father. These kitty chromosomes determine the sex of the offspring and can be either X or Y chromosomes.

It is really quite fascinating how this works. The mother cat gives the X chromosome, while the father cat can give either X or Y. whichever one the father cat gives is what determines the sex of the kitten. The kitty chromosomes that the father cat gives also determine the fur color and type.

A male calico or tortoiseshell cat has two X and one Y chromosomes. All female cats have two X kitty chromosomes that contain genes creating the three calico pattern colors. A male calico or tortoiseshell has only one X chromosome. This X chromosome gives the fur color of orange or black. In the calico cat there is a gene for the white color of the calico pattern.

This is where it may get a little confusing; in order for a male cat to have a Calico coat, it has to have two X chromosomes and one Y. Female cat have to have two X chromosomes to have a Calico coat. A cat with a Calico coat has an extra gene that creates the white part of the color.

Therefore, calico or tortoiseshell females have a set of X chromosomes, the XX combination. The calico or tortoiseshell male cat has the chromosome pattern of XY or XXY and always sterile. The division of the cells affects the end kitty chromosome combination and the gender of the cat.

About the Author: Paulina Jenkins has a great website on cats. You can read and learn about kitty chromosomes. Understand just how kitty chromosomes can affect the fur colors and gender of a cat.

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April 9th, 2012 at 3:01 pm