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White Cat Earrings

The Different Types of Gemstone Jewelry by kathleenchester

Gemstones are being manufactured these days in a variety of colors, especially, red with blooming and apricot colors. There are a variety of gemstone types that beautify jewelry designs and make them stylish, beautiful, and fashionable. Gemstones jewelry is not only colorful but these days they are also available in a variety of designs. They become more charming owing to the fact that each of them upholds a different message. Some of rare types of gemstones are given below.

AMBER - This is generally available in clear yellow. It is usually used in jewelries in its natural state. It is endowed with a soft structure. The popularity of this gemstone increased when it was used in the famous Stephen Spielberg movie, "Jurassic Park". Don’t be surprised if you find certain objects trapped inside it. If the trapped object is very rare and old (especially from pre-historic times) then the price of the stone will automatically rise. It supposedly soothes mental disturbances and emotional troubles.

BLOODSTONE - Bloodstone is dark green in color and has red flecks. It belongs to the chalcedony quartz family. It supposedly has healing powers and helps to strengthen your immune system.

CAT'S EYE - Several people are familiar with this one. It was used earlier to overcome eye problems. Some superstitious beliefs also attached it to the fact that it makes a person generous. Today Cat’s eye gemstone jewelry adds a spark to your appearance. They are available in yellow to greenish yellow or grayish green colors.

HAWK'S EYE GEMSTONE †This one is bluish red or bluish in color. This gemstone jewelry is from the quartz family. It is known to enhance integrity of communication self-awareness and provides positive willpower to the wearer.

JASPER †It is commonly found all around the world. It is available in a variety of colors like, yellow, orange, brown, or green. This makes it one of the best gemstones to be used in jewelries. It is a member of the chalcedony family. Many people use this gemstone jewelry as they believe that it reduces mental stress.

MOONSTONE - These are available in white, pink, or yellow. As the name suggests they are usually carved with a moon face. They are believed to be very helpful in easing anxiety. They are also supposedly good healers to women with hormone imbalances.

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