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2007 Porsche 911 Turbo by Saulius Narunas

What exactly does dropping $122,900 on a super car get you? Before you go down this journey you might want to put on your seatbelt if you’re planning (or wishing) on dropping that wad on the 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo. Thirty years ago Porsche released the first mind blowing, slow witted spanking Turbo onto the public, and has created more aggressive, more demanding, and more powerful lust machines ever since. It’s been twenty years since they unleashed the power and monster powerhouses known as the 959 series to introduce super cars to the world. They naturally lived up to their reputation with the unveiling of the 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo.

To start you get 480 amped up horses itching to open up wide. The twin turbo charged 3.6 litre boxer engine comes with the groundbreaking leadership of being the first gasoline engine application of variable turbine geometry. VTG dramatically enhances a system’s transient response to various abrupt changes such as speed, load, and applications that are congruent with automotive maneuvers.

The variable turbine geometry can be assigned blame for the seriously enhanced handling and performance. The adjustable guide blades are a huge asset in determining the flow of the engine exhaust flow directly onto the turbocharger’s impeller wheel. This means you don’t have to be cranked out to benefit from the agility and responsiveness of acceleration. High heat levels from the exhaust gases has chronically prevented this enhancement, but the determined designers and engineers at Porsche were finally able to develop high heat resistant materials which can withstand at least 1830 degrees Fahrenheit of asphalt melting dishing.

On top of that they’ll throw in a completely redesigned all wheel drive system and even give you the integrity of evolutionary restyling. If you want more, no worries, they’ll deliver. The standard six speed manual transmission delivers the same bone crushing 3.7 second rush to 60 miles per hour from a dead stand still as the optional 5 speed Triptonic automatic sequential shift might make in 3.4 seconds. Stick or buttons will still get you up to the heart pounding 193 miles per hour where she maxes out. The Triptonic transmission is electronically designed to find the higher gears and lower revs for variable speeds, and the traditional stick allows the driver to be more involved when it comes to driving participation, but this true of every automatic no matter how well enhanced it has become. If you get a charge out of peeling out and knowing that slower, more cautious drivers are calling you names from behind their wheels, the stick is definitely your first pick.

The previous 911 Turbo came with 60 fewer horses and peaked her performance between 2700 to 4600 rpm unlike the 1950 to 5000 rpm the 2007 model prefers to peak. The enhanced range is highly noticeable behind the wheel. If that’s just not enough juice for you there is the optional Sport Chrono Package which ramps up the mid rpm range by a 10 second over-boost. The immediate and temporary over-boost increases the turbo by 2.9 psi and brings the torque to a demanding 502 pounds per foot. What exactly does that do for you? It pulls your Cheshire cat grin all the way back to your ears.

37 precious pounds were saved with the redesigned optional braking system. With six piston monobloc calipers in the front and four piston monobloc calipers in the rear, and the increased diameter of the brake discs to 350 millimeters, all that power can be harnessed in a controlled screeching halt. The Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake System is an available option that brings the exotic material based disks to a swollen 380 millimeters. The PCCB system improves fade stability and of course being made of ceramic it provides absolute corrosion resistance.

The revamped all wheel drive system was overhauled including the replacement of the clutch with a new electronically controlled multi disc clutch. The Porsche Traction Management System redistributes variable power front and rear as needed. As conditions change, the car’s traction changes to adapt to road conditions and create superior handling at all times. Despite its unsurpassed power the Porsche Traction Management System is one of the lightest all wheel drive systems available today.

Styling changes have been heralded as revolutionary, highly praised by critics and enthusiasts. The modified front end, while of course keeping the natural Porsche face, features a lower sloped hood and drawn air cooling inlets. The widely spaced fog lights, deeply set into the front end and the new LED indicators which are now situated in the lateral air inlets are a marked enhancement glorifying Porsche’s design qualities of form and function. Just behind the doors, the later air inlets have been redesigned to offer a sleeker, more determined and definite composition. With the addition of the new air ducts, the intercoolers now receive a more efficient and directed air supply while enhancing the car’s appearance. The aggressive, powerful stance from the rear is marked by the addition of a 22 millimeter widening of the tail, a small difference that speaks volumes. The newly designed wing spoiler has been altered to precisely enhance the widening of the tail, and then slopes slightly downward to create continuity with the 911 Turbo’s seamless fenders.

Road tests confirm that all the redesigning, enhancing, and powering up led to an eager determinedly compliant vessel of crushing the competition, including Ferrari, BMW, Aston Martins, Lamborghini Gallardo, and the Corvette Z06.

Unlike most super cars which are designed solely for speed and handling, Porsche has altered the super car standard by creating these powerhouses suitable for everyday driving. While it’s remarkably doubtful that any super car will ever come with the trunk space of a Jetta, there is enough room to toss a few essentials for a weekend away and even room for a couple of compliant, albeit smaller, passengers in the back seat. Assuming you have no intention of parking it on a dark city street in inner city Philadelphia, this is a super car that can give the proud owner the daily pleasure of being resented by their neighbors.

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