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Vintage Kitty Cat

Exotic animal jewelry for owners and pets by Ingrid Graham

Dog owners sometimes tend to do everything for their pet. Those who don’t have a dog and never had one might not understand this, but those who do know what having a pet means. Dogs are not only adorable playmates, but also great companions and friends.

This is just how Scottie is, the dog that inspired an artist to make beautiful dog breed purses. Her purses and handbags became very popular, and not only beautiful items for dog lovers but also pieces of ultimate fashion accessories.

At Dooney & Bourke handbags you can find all kinds of adorable purses and handbags with dogs on them. For those who love cats there are also some bags designed with images of cats on them, for example the Kitty Cat Rhinestone Rockin Handbag or the Kitty Cat Lovin Leather Handbag. The Dooney handbags featuring various dogs breeds are made of leather with a beautiful design. If you love pets and you love purses you can be sure that you will also like these handbags. The most popular ones that you can buy are the Essex Vintage Dooney & Bourke Handbags, Dooney & Bourke Carrier Crossbody/Shoulder Bag Dooney & Bourker All Weather Leather Saddle Crossbody/Shoulder Bag, the Vintage Mint Dooney & Bourke AWL Belt Purse and the Dooney & Bourke Jack Russell Terrier Purse.

There are more ways to get what you want from this designer. If you already found a bag that you like you can simply purchase it, but this designer of dog breed purses also offers custom made purses and handbags. You can choose the bag that you like the most, and the designer will use the same model to make your very own dog purse with the image of your dog on it. If you have a photo of your dog or cat, or a specific breed that you would like to have on the bag, you can simply email the desired image and it will be designed on the bag.

The dog jewelry that you can find at Dooney & Bourke handbags is made both for the dogs and the owners of dogs. There are various collar charms for instance for your pet that you can place on the collar, and get a matching bracelet for yourself! The dog collar charms can be found in more models, some of them colorful, others more simple, while again some very elegant decorated with rhinestones. For the owners there are more choices, since they can choose from pendants, necklaces, bracelets and pins with their favorite pet on them. The pendants include exotic animal jewelry such as elephant necklaces, which are great for those who love the oriental style. The rest of the pendants are the Silver & Bronze Sparkling Rhinestone Puppy Dog Pins, the Highland Scottie Dog Sparkles & Pearls Bracelets, the Tartan Scottie Dog Keychains and the PinkieWinkle Pink Scottish Terrier Necklaces. Each of these were designed by JoAnna in the CarrotHill Studio who was inspired by her beloved dog, Scottie.
You can see Scottie on te website of Dooney handbags.

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