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Tan Cat

Special Characteristic of The Bengal Cat by Dr. Hassany Ummar

Bengal cats are bred from Asian leopards. Asian leopards have recently come off the endangered species list. So what of the Bengal Cat? Well, it's name come from the Asian leopard's scientific name, Felis Bengalensis. Bengals are medium sized cats, a male may weigh as much as 15 lb (9 kg), and a female commonly weighs 8 to 10 lb (4 to 6 kg). Male cats are generally larger than females.

Bengal Cats are intelligent, active, energetic cats.They are agile, love to climb & can be vocal with a distinctive voice . They get along well with other pets & people. Bengals enjoy high places & are enthusiastic climbers. Many Bengal owners have trained their cat to walk on a harness, so they can enjoy the great outdoors in safety.

The Bengal Cat comes in several patterns and colors. The most commonly seen is the leopard spotted. The spots can be either one color or two colors. The two colored spots are called rosettes where you have a lighter color surrounded by a darker color. The other pattern seen is called marble which is a random pattern combining two or three colors. The background color range from ivory to a reddish tan. The colors can be a brown tabby, seal lynx point, seal sepia tabby and seal mink tabby. These colors can be spotted or marbled in pattern. Another trait that is quite beautiful is called glittering. This is a metallic sheen in the hairs of the coat that truly glitters in the light.Taro of Bundas, pure Asian Leopard Cat.

These cats just love interaction with humans and should get as much attention as possible. For someone living in a flat that is out at work all day with no outdoor access, the Bengal is really not the cat for you. If you live in a town it is a good idea to fence your garden with cat-proof fencing so that your Bengal can get some outdoor exercise. They are a very muscular cat and love to dash around like a maniac before ending up somewhere on a branch up a tree.

The Bengals fascination with water is well known. They will quite often get into the shower with you, as they seem to hold no fear from it and it is quite usual for a Bengal to paddle around in their water bowl to clear the top of the water before drinking it, just as the Asian Leopard cat does in the wild. There is a small stream a few hundred yards away from my house at the bottom of a field, Ziggi will quite happily paddle through it but Misti is not so enamoured with the wet stuff and prefers to jump the stream.

Most Bengals, have a lot of personality! In a manner similar to the oriental cat breeds, they are intelligent, lively, interactive cats, with whom you have a very genuine two-way relationship. They are typically neither an aloof cat who ignores you haughtily, nor a dull quiet cat. They are very much a dynamic and active part of the family group. Bengals however are not the same as Orientals, nor any other breed, but have various key characteristics which make very special and different.

Bengals have very engaging, energetic, loving characters and this is one of the main reasons they are wonderful pets. Their character would not make them ideal pets for someone who wants a quiet, low key companion, but makes them amazing pets for people who want a more dog-like member of the family, along the same lines as oriental cats, but with many special features that make them unique and rewarding pets. Read more:

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