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Precious Moments Coloring Pages by napaolm

Precious Moments Coloring Pages

Precious Moments Coloring Pages collection is the one of many lines of Precious Moments collectibles that has become popular for gift givers and collectors alike. Precious Moment Coloring Pages keeps the tradition of Precious Moments depicting lovable and commemorative poses that people can relate to.

In 1974, Samuel Butcher created greeting cards portraying kids with tear-dropped eyes intended as gifts for his family and friends. Little did he know that these greeting cards will become popular and therefore began Precious Moments. It was soon followed by Precious Moments collectibles which was started with only 21 figurines and has grown to thousands to millions as time passed, with countless figurines already sold now sitting on people's table-tops and cabinets worldwide.

Precious Moments have now introduced Precious Moments Coloring Pages expanding themes of seasonal and everyday celebrations of love and life. Each page contains the same images of tear-dropped eyes kids and animals.

Children will have lots of fun by coloring images using their favorite crayons, choosing a wide array of colors and give life to their imagination.

However, children are not aware if the crayons they are using are safe for them or not. It is up to the parents, as always, to choose the things that their kids are using. Thankfully, crayons nowadays are made from mostly organic materials from plants compared to the crayons made from mostly chemical products and by-products decades ago. Although some of the crayons that are being manufactured presently still contain small or minute quantities of harmful materials and chemicals.

Such chemicals and materials used in making crayons most often include paraffin wax, the same material used in making candles, and at times, manufacturers of certain brand of crayon is "cutting corners" they include lead and asbestos to their ingredient. Lead, more specifically paint containing lead, is used as being used by some manufacturers (mostly from countries that has poor safety regulations on consumer products) in order for their products to be more durable, for the painted or colored products to dry quickly, elongate the product's life by making it more resistant to moisture that could cause corrosion, and give the product a fresh look. The downside of using lead on products, however, is that it could cause stunted growth, loss of hearing, delayed development, and kidney failure; and children are more vulnerable to these risks. Asbestos, on the other hand, have been found in crayons through talc, a material used to bind crayons and maintain their shape. Asbestos are known to cause more serious illnesses than lead and among these illnesses include cancer and lung disease.

There is a new type of crayon that is being manufactured made from soy beans. These soy crayons are far safer compared to paraffin based crayons due to their organic content and even their possible edibility, although I wouldn't recommend eating one even if it's made from soy, it's not that it's possibly toxic, but it's just not normal. If ever I am going to buy crayons for my kids who are just toddlers which has the tendency to put things in their mouth, I would certainly look for those crayons that are made from organic materials, for them to be safe, but also for my peace of mind.

Every black and white image of Precious Moments Coloring pages and clipart is open to possibilities to children's creativity as and enhance their skills to color their world. Children could use their imagination to color a puppy with a yellow crayon, a cat's tail in polka dot black and white, and a bunny with blue. Coloring pages also serve as something that they can control on their own.

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