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Skater Power Boat - A Cut Above The Rest! by

Michigan-based Douglas Marine Corporation has set records of sorts with the looks and features of its Skater power boats, and this is after setting a world record of 180 miles per hour with their superstar Skater 36 power boats. The name is the most appropriate for the boat because it actually skates over the water at mind boggling speeds. Michigan-based Douglas Marine Corporation has been in the business of building racer boats for the past 21 years and has carved a niche in the boat building industry †especially Skater Racing power boats.

When you buy a Skater power boat you are guaranteed of 21 years of proven quality be it after sales service or the material used in making your skater power boat.

Michigan-based Douglas Marine Corporation started way back in 1979 introducing the Skater 24 that took the market by storm. There has been no looking back for the Michigan-based Douglas Marine Corporation that has advanced its inventory of skater power boats to include the Skater 46, probably the most versatile speed boat on the water.

Douglas Marine Corporation has a total of 8 sizes of catamaran that are designed for the ultimate experience in racing and also pleasure cruising. The Michigan-based Douglas Marine Corporation offers a 28 foot catamaran that can bounce off waves while moving at a speed of 112 to 120 miles per hour, and this is their smallest boat. The Skater 46 has a complete cabin and is 45.7 feet long, this is their largest boat.

It has been said in race boat circles, Skater, thy name is versatility, this cannot be nearer the truth. The Skater is a very maneuverable boat that is designed to tear through the waters of rivers lakes and seas, and it does not matter which way the water is flowing. One would think the boat man was flying too low by the way it skates over the surface of the water.

The Skater Super Cat is a race boat that can carry five people and is the ideal race boat. The seats are high back and bolstered to cushion the sudden turns, jerks and stops at the high speeds the boat is engineered to travel at. The passengers are all protected by the toughened glass wind screen so have no fear of not seeing that flying object or the water splashing up onto you. The cockpit of the Super cat can only hold one or two persons depending on the model of the boat, and the F-16 type of canopy of this boat adds glitter to the gold.

The possibility of running out of fuel while sailing a Skater is rare, unless you drain the second tank dry as well. You will have ample fuel to get you to a fuelling station nearby after you have enjoyed yourself some on the reserve tank. The Skater boat is definitely about speed and racing. Cruising, yes but more for racing, some boats do have a cabin below for people to spend an overnight trip on the sea but the fun of a Skater is in racing the boat.

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