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Soft Kitty

Two Mouse Pads with Difference Price

Item: Charming PU Leather 3D Hello Kitty Style Mouse Pad

This item is very cheap, and it looks very cute!

It looks like something Sarnia would make but isn't obviously and not for this price. the leather material is good. Padding for your wrist is good. Looks like hello kitty though. Pad doesn’t slip around like some other mouse pads. The mouse kind of sticks to the leather face when in use. Hello kitties arm and bow tie get in the way when moving the mouse around. White gets dirty very easy. Padding on the wrist part is good but could be a bit bigger to provide better comfort

May be it’s not the best mouse pad but you could use it to place items on or something? I bought this item because it is cute, and I like Hello kitties very muck, I want to keep it.

Item: Soft Silicone Mouse Pad (Translucent Green)

Compare with the above mouse pads, this one is more smooth, and slick ,you can keep it between the lid and the keyboard, it's a nice place to keep it safe, and also protects the screen a bit . Works very well with optical and laser mouse, I’ve tested it with two Logitech mouse, a high performance MX1100, low and high resolution, and a portable V220 mouse, I didn't had any problem's using it, and the mouse pad is also well fixed in my desk. The rugged surface is good, and the mouse slides well. I guess it is washable, silicon, after all, but I didn't try it yet

I have a very fast break down all the computer mouse pads. I am very much using a computer. This pad I was immediately struck a durable and reliable. It does not slide across the table, green pleasantly pleases the eye, it can be washed when needed. But my mouse does not want this rug to glide smoothly. Although the edges looks like poor, but I think is acceptable it is a very good product and answer a lot of needs in the computer environment. The bottom line is that the bottom of the mouse stays clean and that is the most important thing. Maybe I'll buy another mouse pads for my brother‘s computer and it still is useful to pad

In general, a good pad.

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