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Sitting Cat

Pet sitting services in Royersford

Things like who will feed the dog and when, who will hold the leash when walking, and let's not forget who will clean up after the dog.After dog sitting, you will find, like we did, whether your family is ready for a new member or not. And most importantly, your kids will be happy with that decision because they will feel they were involved and part it. By the way, after dog sitting, we realized that we needed to wait for the kids to be a little bit older. So put this excellent tip to use and good luck. How to Start a Dog Sitting Service is a great fallback job when the economy is soft, and conversely it is a solid job to pursue when the economy is up and booming. Numerous college students do this service, because it fits into their fluctuating schedules, and it also pays well for the time expended. Retired folks also like this activity, and the extra money that it gives them to supplement their pensions. All of them combined do it because they love dogs and animals. That is probably the major requirement of this job....a love of animals.Even with this love of animals there are some legal issues that must be addressed when providing this service.The owners must agree to not hold you responsible for any damage or injuries that their dogs do when under your care and supervision. You have no idea of their formal training, and cannot be held responsible for a dogs behavior.All of the required shots and immunizations must to current, and a power of attorney form or it's equivalent must be provided for your use in case of a medical emergency while in your care. A contact sheet with all the pets doctors and any and all medications they are on, if any, must be provided to you at the start of your duties. Arrangements must be made for financial considerations in case of medical emergencies while in your care also. Some form of understanding must be made in case more food, medicine, or money is spent for the dog.A primary and secondary contact phone number and person should be established for any long term care situations. This should also include cell phone numbers and any special text alerts that will be needed to contact the dogs family.A list of those who can see the dog or can be with the dog are necessary if you are to care for them for an extended period of time. Divorce cases today involve the family pet, and they are fought over just like kids custody battles.A "can" and "cannot" have or do list should be provided for the daily care and feeding of the dog.Special diets must be fully understood, and adhered to. Feeding times and usual pottie times need to be known so that as little as possible disrupts the dogs and owners normal lifestyle.Special walking areas and lengths of walks need to be discussed. Proper disposal of dog "poo" must be conducted and if there are any special requirements for it's disposal. different communities have different rules concerning poop bags.The cost of your service, and getting paid will be the next part of this series.

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