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Ring Cat

Animals fed only, It was cousin like kittens

In high school, Uncle raises a cute Little Cat. Pale blue eyes, wearing a neck bell does not ring collar. In addition to the chin to the front of the body where the lower abdomen is white, the other is in yellow.

It was cousin like kittens, always fed the fish, and some fruit. I always think that the kitten will not catch mice, because it is enough to live comfortably.
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But one day I saw Uncle put cat food into a room quietly walked. I think curiosity will quietly followed. Cat went inside the one meter stopped down, the yellow ears to put up, the room stood motionless, as if that observation of the enemy's scouts.

Suddenly the room a "squeak" sound, the cat's head turning down the sound a bit, and then gently to the northwest corner of the house went. I have also crept behind it to follow, and I saw out of the northwest corner of the number of sacks are second only exception, there are things in peristalsis. I see cat stop there, with no action, thought he must be afraid of mice.

May at this time, the number of kittens suddenly out in the northwest corner of the third and fourth sacks this just hiding, and then slowly squat down. Its yellow body hidden in the yellow sack, not looking really can not tell. I thought to myself: Is it playing ambushes?
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Kittens have to be patient, I might be anxious and can not see uncle of food eaten by rats, it should quickly oust them. I went to the rice bags that only the mouse, suddenly hold the sack, only to hold a huge rat's tail, the other mouse quickly ran away. Cat suddenly ran out from the sack, run away quickly chasing the little mouse. Big cat chasing mice a look its children to run, to break hard, and quickly ran out. After I also run, but they are fast, and I catch the breath. Ran outside to a pond, the cat caught a mouse, dangling from its mouth.

I thought the cat would enjoy a good booty, mended it dangling mouse running around the pond, big rat got into the side of the pond from the other side of the grass. Heroes do not eat seems to immediate loss.
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Kitten dangling mouse ran two laps around the pond and then suddenly stopped, neck up a belief, the little mouse to throw the pond, the little mouse's body in the air and drew a muffled arc. At this time, the grass appeared static and dynamic, fast cat chase, and soon will be a large rat caught in his mouth. Kitten dangling from a large mouse to move on, I followed behind, to see cats in the end want to do? Kittens come to a small river to stop, the river is sand, the mouse's body has been biting its blood came. Cat loose mouth, rats ran to the river, but it hurt, not really faster than with the usual action.
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Kitty turned to go back, I followed him. Only the yellow river sand, is not there mouse food, wounded mice not run far. Cat does not eat seems to mice, rats can not eat just let people's labor.

Uncle back home, we delight in eating cat not eating fish. Fed it to watch TV with me squatting on the ground.

Cats are predators of rats, but the cat can eat at home to catch the mice no longer interested.
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Animals fed to Enron and enjoy life. "Animal World" in the ferocity of the tiger, lion kill other animals just to eat, and human killing wild animals for their own greed. Humans do not eat tigers, lions, but now they soon become extinct.

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