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A Look at the Many Different Types of Snow Skiing by Antonio

Winter sports are great fun and they are great way to stay in shape and also enjoy the winter. Snow skiing is one of the most popular winter sports. Anyone from expert skiers, to very small children, will be able to enjoy the slopes of Snow Mountains.
Equipment required for snow skiing are skis and pair of poles. Skis used today are made up plastic, polyurethane foam and some other material. Traditionally skis were made up of highly polished wood. All these skis come in different sizes and styles, depending on type of skiing. There are different ways of doing snow skiing, cross-country, downhill, backcountry skiing, heli ski, snowcat skiing and ski jumping. Special boots are attached to the skis by means of bindings. Use of poles is personal choice; each pole has a wrists wrap on top, sharp tip on bottom and circular ring about from the tip to prevent it from sinking into snow. Depending upon varying snow conditions skis are waxed for maximum glide. Along with skis, boots and poles, you will also need to have ski helmet to protect your head, good pair of goggles for eyes and plenty of warm clothing.
There are many different types of snow skiing. Apart from traditional downhill skiing, here are some other types of snow skiing option. Heliskiing, is very adventurous type of skiing. Heliskiing is downhill skiing but it done on a remote mountains reached by helicopter. Cross- country skiing, is a traditional type of skiing on snow in all types of terrains, but mainly it is done on flat terrains. Snow cat skiing, in this type of skiing skiers are delivered to the top of the mountain in a snow cat and ski down on the ungroomed trails. Snow cat skiing is for expert skiers. One more unconventional type of skiing is snow shoe skiing, it is walking on soft snow without sinking by wearing a snow shoe which is crossed with thongs.
You can go for snow skiing vacations, such snow skiing and Catskiing

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