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Opal Cat Necklace

Gold jewelry industry gradually some of the problems surfaced

However, with the development of the industry, sources of raw materials varies greatly, channels disorder; industry certification confusion, different standards; the lack of design creativity,
925 sterling silver jewelry
culture is inadequate; staff turnover is high, the lack of standardized management and other attendant problems and become deep the gold jewelry industry in Shenzhen brilliant achievements of the worry behind. November 10, 2010, the relevant departments informed, Chow Sang Sang (China) Ltd. Beijing Branch production of "Chow Sang Sang" 18K gold bracelet gold is not up; Zhou Dasheng diamond jewelry Co., Ltd production of "like gold jewelry" natural crystal bracelets measured as agate, crystal rather than nominal. The face of consumer complaints, although they accept the return of Chow Sang Sang Company, has as yet not take action, and consumers instead of playing the "Tai Chi." Gold jewelry industry gradually some of the problems surfaced.

It is understood that the gold jewelry industry in Shenzhen in recent years, rapid expansion of the national total output value of 70% of the total consumer market,
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competition has reached the white-hot. In order to seize the market, high profits, some unscrupulous businessmen desperate, they will hit the jewelry composition ideas. Gold standard is not the most typical problems, some manufacturers even plays a game fish in the tricks Jewelry Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Jin Jiali production of two zircon ring, measured for the synthesis of cubic zirconia, zircon is not nominal; Shenzhen City Limited Shun Tak margin produced jewelry pendant opal glass cat eye measured its raw materials, rather than nominal Cat.

In addition, employing different quality,
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management lags behind, part of the production process due to the lack of sub-monitoring, there is also another reason for quality problems. Gold and jewelry industry is a meticulous management of the industry to rely on the general brand jewelry stores have a fixed production and processing plant on behalf of jewelry, but with increasing sales, many brands are in the form of investment to expand the shop to join, some join gradually with some commercial foundry partnerships, or through brokers,
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joining the brand platform to borrow privately foundry orders to get cheap sources of supply. These are often people foundry complex, mobility, production technology and process control requirements of the appropriate reach, product quality is difficult to ensure.

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August 22nd, 2012 at 12:53 am