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Lucky Cat give you Brief introduction of Scorpio in 2010

Scorpio Origin: Hestab Cles killed a large scorpion in the mountain streams.There is another legend, hunters Oliver temperature naturally too arrogant, boasted that there is not an animal is his opponent in the world.Hera sent a scorpion bite his feet so that he died of poisoning.So, they hate on each other when they flew to the kingdom of heaven,They are far from home on both sides of the sky, whenever Scorpio rising from the horizon from the east, Orion Oliver Winn quietly away from the West. Scorpio lucky jewelry: Birth Stone: cat’s eye Lucky stone: topaz, ruby, opal October 24 to November 2: Tourmaline November 3 to November 12: moonstone (silver, light blue) November 13 to 11 22: garnet Fortunately Location: a place near water Lucky Day: Tuesday Weaknesses: negative, pessimistic, there is always a potential crisis Symbol: Scorpion In charge of Stars: Mars In charge of Palace-bit: Diba Gong Property: Negative Pleasure in life: mystery, passion The pain of life: exposure, interrupted, criticized by others The most fate of the Constellation: Cancer Pisces Lucky gemstone jewelry: Ruby, Opal Auspicious plant: thistle grass, wormwood, cactus Concealment of the Office: vineyards, luxury entertainment venue, the latest-style hotels and bustling place. About No matter What's your star sign,you can find the jewelry which belongs to you on , wholesale jewelry online. It offers all kinds of handmade fashion jewelry .Please enter your sole discount coupon code (Ay9902) when submit order at AYpearl. Then you can enjoy the special discount.

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