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Lady Mobile Phones - Good Gifts for Your Loved Girls by anno

The young are always the followers of the fashions, especially the girls. Therefore, as the most ordinary things, china mobile phone can be seen in nearly every people’s hand. Ladies have also chosen theirs according to their favors. Thus, phones for ladies from ePathChina are also different.
1.Silvery white â€Princess’

Silvery white color is always considered as the â€Princess’ among all colors. You will find nobleness and elegance from this silvery white phone. Smooth touch, generous and terse appearance predestines its out of common. Lady mobile phones refers to the ladies who are from good families.
2.Cold Mirror Surface â€Sexy Lady’

Cold mirror surface makes this phone look like a sexy lady in the bar, who just drink a glass of red wine and not talk to anyone. Contradictory elegance and depravation seize your eyes the first you see it. Just like a mystery which waiting you to solve it.
3.Bright Red â€Simplicity Beauty’

This bright red phone seems to be the girl who just entered the university, who is full of simplicity beauty. The clear screen and hello kitty appearance make it half cute and half intellectuality. Slide design help operate more convenient.
4.Cute and Lovely â€Little Girl’

Pink color is always the teenage girl’s favorite. Not too much added functions is similar to the little girls’ simple thought. Butterfly-shaped buttons and four bright colors both present the dew of youth. Cute cartoon pattern on the back also shows the lovely truth of it.
So among these four different types of cheap mobile phone, which one do you like best?

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April 5th, 2012 at 7:38 pm