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Find Out How Cat Allergy Depends On Cat Breeds by Lindsay Robertson

If you are one of those persons who have allergies due to cats, here is information on how different sort of cat breeds influence your reactions.

To begin with you must remember that the majority of individuals cannot tolerate the saliva of a cat and not the cat's hair. Cats are constantly grooming themselves, resulting in saliva spreading to all the parts of their hairy bodies. This hair could be found all around the room or vicinity and can trigger an allergy. Even those cats which are hairless" will carry saliva on their bodies, creating what is called dander."

In an average home the amount of dead skin" scattered inside would amaze you. A human being rebuilds new skin every two to three weeks, so the upper most layers of skin is constantly wearing off resulting in the accumulation of a lot of dust. The same holds true for cats, dogs and other animals. Hence it becomes important to keep your house clean and vacuum regularly to keep a check on this dust.

Cats with hair

All the cats with hair on their bodies will inevitably have saliva on their hair. The cat will lick itself and then the hair will fall off. It's absolutely necessary to tidy the house of all the hair and vacuum the rooms so as not to cause any problem to an allergic member. We possess a Roomba" that wanders around each single day and it is just amazing how much cat hair it gathers on a singular day. And we have just two cats at home.

You need to chalk out a hair management system, if you have a cat with hair. If we clean up just a week, we see all the hair. But if vacuum everyday, then it becomes easier to keep the house clean and tidy. I have observed a big difference in my day to day responses" on the basis of the levels of hair.

Cats without hair

Many people wrongly think that cats without hair can cause no allergy. Generally, I do not judge a pet by its capability to cause allergies, but I suppose I can feel it if you have swollen glands or eyes, that you would like to look for an alternative. All through life you will come across many things that can cause allergies, but pets are so adorable that they can compensate for a little bit of puffiness. Having said that, let me mention that cats without any hair do not rid you of any allergy" problems. The allergies originate from the tongues. So a cat without hair does not mean a cat without allergies!

So in this case there would not be floating hair all around it is the dander of cat that would cause the allergy. All creatures that breathe shed and renew their skin. As a human individual you shed skin every two or three weeks, so there would be lot of dead skin fluttering around if you do not clean properly. Other pets including cats go through the same process. So it is crucial to keep your house neat and tidy to keep those allergens at bay.

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