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Branding Like Hello Kitty Branding Like Hello Kitty Branding Like Hello Kitty

Typically, when we think of mobile advertising, using car decals and vehicle wraps, we think of a large, visual, eye catching advertisement.  These types of ads are extremely cost effective and beneficial for all types of businesses.  What if you could spin the vehicle wraps into a more fun type of advertisement?  The possibilities are endless as long as you think outside of the box.

We’ve all seen vehicles like the Anheuser-Busch Shock Top cars, with the bright orange paint and the wheat mohawk, which are clearly an advertisement, but are also different from what we, as local, small business owners would choose to do.  Shock Top is a well known beer, so Anheuser-Busch doesn’t need so say much more on its car decal or vehicle wrap, aside from the name of the beer and boom, people are thinking about Shock Top!  Without nationwide branding already in place, local business owners wouldn’t typically think to present such a simple vehicle wrap.  However, this could work for many small businesses, and it could help you stand out among the competition.

If you own a local sports bar, you could do a similar type of car decal or vehicle wrap.  Obviously your goal isn’t to advertise for the beers you carry, so instead of a simple design with a beer name, try a simple design that involves only your dominant logo color and your logo with your business name.  Anyone who sees your vehicle wrap will understand what your business is and why they would need/want to visit your business, without any further explanation.

Think Coach and Hello Kitty.  Both of these companies has a logo that is attractive all on its own, has been extremely well branded, and doesn’t include their business name or any text at all.  Not only that, but their logos have become so popular and aesthetically appealing that they can sell anything with their logo on it.  That type of branding is extremely sought after and would be a dream for a small, local business owner.  Imagine seeing young girls driving around with car decals that are your company’s logo simply because your logo is pretty!  The trick to starting a similar branding campaign is to first, make sure your logo is attractive.  Secondly, you don’t want to have to include your business name in your logo, as this would take away from the artistic appeal to it, so to start branding, you may want to include your business name below your logo, in a way that it can be simply removed as soon as you reach that point in your branding campaign.  Then you should spread your logo far and wide via car decals and vehicle wraps.  Add one to your car; add car decals to your friends’ and family’s cars.  The more visibility you create, the better your chances are of branding your ‘pretty’ logo to the point where it becomes a national craze like Coach and Hello Kitty.

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