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Nike Dunk Low SB WMS Hello Kitty II

Product Name:Nike Dunk Low SB WMS Hello Kitty II

Original Purpose:Basketball / Skateboarding Sneaker

Model: Nike Dunk Low Hello Kitty Edition

Product Colorway: White/Yellow/Blush/Pink/Blue

Product Model: DLW-002

Shipping Weight: 1.5kg

Nike Dunks Low SB Premium Women's Hello Kitty II Edition (white Yellow blush pink blue) Since its introduction into the NBA the "Dunk" or "Nike Dunks" "Slam" "Jam" and countless other namesakes have been one of the most interesting, and exciting parts of the game. But in recent years the dunks have become stale Nike Queen Of Hearts Dunk Low, prompting many to say the golden age of the dunk has.

In 1998, Nike began production of the Dunk once again. Initial releases were classic university colors, but new non-team colors were soon introduced. At this time, Nike often released the same dunk in two different versions consisting of reversed colors. The dunks released from 1998 to 2000 featured a nylon tongue and arch supports, distinguishing them from today's dunk releases. Overall, the reintroduction of the dunk proved to be extremely successful and production numbers have since increased to meet growing demand.

Nike Dunk Low SB WMS Hello Kitty II

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