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Valentine's Day - Mushfest, Cheesefest, And Shirtfest by Gen Wright

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to let your hair down. Stop worrying about what's cool and what isn't, what your friends think, and just do exactly as you and your lover would like. Be exactly as "cheesy" or "mushy" as you want, sing love songs in the street... in other words, let the world go for this one day.

While you let the rest of the world go to ... er... the dogs, you do need to make the day "just right" for yourself and your significant other, right? While spontaneity is certainly an excellent thing to aim for, some basic structure to begin with is usually a good idea - if only as a fallback.

Starting Valentine's Day, greet your lover with a good morning kiss or a good morning call if you're living apart. This shows that you remember what day it is, that you treasure your relationship, and affirms the love you feel. If you're waking up together, nothing says "I love you" like a small gift placed right next to the pillow - even if the gift is unwrapped and used much later.

The proper V-day gift is to be given only when you are dressed and ready for a date. While wine, chocolates and flowers are always excellent gift choices, you may want to spice things up and stay off the beaten track. In that case, go for couples' shirts - a great way to affirm your bonding, both between yourselves and to the world.

The idea behind couples' shirts is to link the two shirts together somehow, showing that the people wearing them are linked. This could be through clever quotes, graphics, or a mixture of the two. Just as compatibility is about both similarities and differences, couples' shirts could have identical or differing graphics... or ones that are similar AND different at the same time.

To continue with the Valentine mush-fest, you can always wear pink and blue shirts with hearts on them - the perfect way to celebrate a day of love. If you like visuals on your tees, there are cartoon boy/girl shirts, superhero shirts, or simply ones which convey cute messages through the graphics.

If you want shirts with text on them, you open yourself up to a whole new vista in shirt-land. Shirts are available in all the world's colors, featuring love quotes as old as civilization as well as quotes by people as new to quotable-dom as Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. The text can also be in a question-answer format, with one shirt having the question, and the other having the answer.

Yet other shirt texts go for the halves-of-a-whole look, where a first-time viewer simply can't tell what a shirt is trying to convey until he/she sees both together. "Beautiful" and "handsome", "black" and "berry", Hello Kitty, lock and key, love arrows... the list just keeps growing every minute.

On Valentine's Day, there is no better style statement than a statement made with your lover. Rather than looking good FOR your lover(who will think you're the most gorgeous even on bad hair days), why not look good WITH them?

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April 3rd, 2012 at 3:59 pm