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Animal Costume for your Halloween Party! by jyec

Halloween costumes are of myriad types. Animal costumes are arguably the most 'fun' Halloween costumes. Animal costumes can provide a wholly different look, and are a great way to loosen up and have fun. While animal costumes look really cute on kids and are more popular among them, these costumes are available in adult sizes too. Animal costumes are usually very popular among animal lovers.

Animal costumes for Halloween can range from bear costumes to cows and dinosaurs ones. These costumes are available as baggy, goofy costumes and also as fitting, sexy outfits. 'Couples' costumes can be a pair of male and female animal costumes of the same species, or a pair of predator and prey animals' costumes, or even the parent-offspring pair of animal costumes. Animal costumes are available in a variety of materials like polyester, spandex, etc.

For fun adult animal costumes, go for Costumes4less. The Gorilla Mascot Complete costume comes with an oversized mascot head, huge hairy body, spats, huge feet, and mitts. This gorilla suit can be used to add some dash of fun in school or home events. With this Halloween costume, you can re-enact 'King Kong' right at home! For cute animal costumes for your kid, you can opt for One Step Ahead. The Girls Black Leopard Cat costume is exotic and cute at the same time and will make your kid stand out from a crowd. The leopard costume includes a stretchy bodice and marabou tail. It comes with a faux leather belt and a cat-ear headband. The costume is made of polyester and nylon.

Check out Costume Discounters for colorful adult animal costumes. The Little Miss Mouse Adult Costume is dainty and will ensure you don't sit quiet like a mouse. The mouse costume from Costume Discounters comes with a short red corset-style dress and has white polka dots. This Halloween costume includes a lacy petticoat, hood, mouse ears, and choker.

The Panda Bear Mascot costume from Alinco Costumes stands out for its stark black and white color. This Halloween costume is made of high quality fabric and includes a head, body, huge oversized feet, and mitts. This animal costume from Alinco is ideal to wear on school or church events, fairs and festivals, plays etc. This costume can also serve as a mascot for a sports team.

For a sexy animal outfit for women, go to Costumehub. The Adult Sexy Mystery Kitty Costume is a pink and black ensemble with a good dash of naughty glamor. The kitty costume includes a deluxe form fitting (stretches) kitty dress. The outfit comes with a lace-up neck and attached black tail. The ensemble also includes a headband with attached pink ears with black fur accents and matching furry leg warmers.

This animal outfit is an official Leg Avenue costume. This Halloween costume is available in extra small, small, medium, and medium large sizes.

Let your wild side out with a fun animal costume. After all, Halloween is all about loosening up and having a great time with family and friends. is the web's premier fashion shopping experience where you can find animal costume.

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April 9th, 2012 at 9:11 am