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Kitty Face

Teenage girls and biggest challenge which they will face before real life will start.

Fear is one of the most devastating feelings which we develop in our liefs. Fear of poverty, fear of old age, fear of not having boyfriend, fear of not going to college, but above the fear of becoming fat, and even worst obese. And there is more and more young adults which are loosing their battle with themselves. The appetite is stronger than will to stay slim. Sports, dieting, using dangerous pills and chemicals are in the arsenal, whatever it takes, and the more they fight the harder it is to accept when they loose. When the scale is showing new reality, when the pants do not fit no more, when a young girl become a whale and laughing stock of the class. The stress related to the fear is beyond anyone as grown up will ever endure. As the time goes by the young girl become obese and most of her day to day problems are related to that just one and only one problem how to be slim.

The rich ones go for the surgery, the poor ones stuff themselves with whatever they can find , whatever gives them a slightest chance to loose at least a few kilo.

By the time they go to college they become so depressed, isolated, withdrawn from regular life.

At any time they are being victimized by man or boys , which pray on such unpopular girls. Statistics from Cornell University show that most abuse done to those young fat girls is never reported, they do not want to loose the last chance to be accepted.

I am a parent , I am far away from my daughter, I do live in some fear that she might become one of them.

The most amazing part of life is that staying fit is so easy so simple . It does not require any special programs , any special diets, any special workouts.

Soon I will share what will cure them all..

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