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Look at the New Age about Herve Leger by kitty

With the development of the living standard of the people, perspective on everything had been changing very fast, Expressing Different opinion, discussing different points of view; the aesthetic standards are quite different from before.In order to understand the most high school students completely, I am carry on a school of students to investigate, whether students surface of dress or finicky about HERVE LEGER dress.All reflect the students' unchanged in character or nature.

An investigation is under way; I get in the school door and meet a boy who is Handsome, especially handsome, especially handsome. He wears straight white jeans, a black jacket, and he walked with her shoulders back and her nose pointing skyward. He slicked up his hair and straight across the forehead, his hair looked like golden as if golden monkey's hair"he has dyed her hair. There comes a stunningly attractive girl, she wore slippers what is popular in Japan now, to cause to make a ding-dong sound, The type of white skirt is all the go, She was dressed in a lively pink, She wore a pair of pretty ear rings and wore red nail varnish.

I summoned up my courage and stepped in; the situation was getting uglier. A boy of courage and uprightness wore a close coat, to my surprise,he scratched out a hole in his jeans, and he cut two different widths of cloth on the backside, it really looked like Time and tide patches. Look, girls follow what's going on in fashion, wears a necklace; straighten hair, dye hair, spend much money goes on HERVE LEGER clothes, For the beautiful girl to use makeup would be to gild the lily.

According to surveys conducted over the last few years, 25 percent of students go with the tide, are fond of beautiful clothes and wears the HERVE LEGER dress even if they do not suit her. They want to change her dress every day. 25 percent of students take an excessive interest in HERVE LEGER clothes and want to go in for public displays a manner of their own.Those who can wear plain and do not care about clothes and ornaments or can always get their nose in books. It is a niggardly sum.We must draw a clear distinction between right and wrong: we are students; such thoughts are unbecoming to students, it given to extravagant or outlandish. Insofar as I can see, a girl in order to buy a suit of HERVE LEGER dress, she is economical in everyday spending and nasty to her family to buy a luxury what she want.

The high school students can try to avoid upward comparison, there is no need to distress yourself about the fashion, and don't follow what's going on in fashion. After all, we're only consumers; we can not assume our share of the responsibility, why can you increase the financial pressure of parents.

By today's standard, as a 21st century middle school student, The Chinese people have had the fine tradition of dress plain since ancient times, does you simply dressed will be a loss of face ? It is hardly possible.

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Written by Kitty Cat Central

April 1st, 2012 at 3:05 am