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Kitty Enamel

How much do you know about Hello Kitty Wrist Watch?

Even for ladies between twenties, Hello Kitty products record their happy childhood and golden memory as a youngster.

Among all of these products, Hello Kitty Wrist Watch is the most popular, because it is practical and decorative for daily life. Girls are always happy when they receive this kind of Hello Kitty items as gifts. It stands for your status in fashion circle to some extent.

Hello Kitty watch delineates all a cool beauty with porcelain enamel case and stainless steel Hello Kitty outlines which are embellished with sparkling diamonds. It is a digital watch with red timing against black dial. Completed with black genuine leather strap, this watch is easily attached with deployment buckle. Though, it cannot compete with those high-end watches crafted by top brands and known for exquisite craftsmanship; however, it recalled our childish memory.

Vabene Hello Kitty Adessino is a good match for summer wardrobe, cool, beautiful and innovative. It integrated the most fashionable plastic with amphibole, featuring transparent square watch body embedded with round stainless steel watch case. The Hello Kitty Watch is outlined by the dazzling white and red spot Swarovski crystals. At each corner of the angles, there are the big pink amphiboles in exquisite cut. It is finished with pure white rubber strap with deployment buckle for easy attachment.

If you do not care about the quality of the watch, but only like this kind of styles, you can buy cheap Hello Kitty watches on many Online Chinese Store. You may cost less than $5 to get one delivered to your home. The duration and quality are not the same as original ones, but the stylish appearance is the same. Never hesitate to follow the fashion of Hello Kitty.

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Written by Kitty Cat Central

April 16th, 2012 at 6:47 am