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Gifts for Your Favorite Pet Owners by gift12

Almost everyone has that friend or family member that is always talking about their pet. Perhaps they come to work with a different funny cat story almost every day. Or they are constantly interrupting their phone conversations with you to shush, praise, or calm their dog. These are the people for whom their pets are more than just a domestic animal †they are a source of love and companionship. So why not get them a gift that recognizes that special bond between human and creature?

Here are some ideas for gifts for pet owners:

Snuggle Pet Bed
. Does your dog or cat like to burrow into sheets and blankets? Then this lightweight, machine-washable bed is the perfect resting place. It comes with polycotton casing, polyester fill, and an oval opening and a closed back so pets can tunnel their way into comfort.

Chatter Pet Bowl.
Your pet likes to listen to your voice when he or she is eating. This device lets your dog or cat hear you when you’re not around. The bowl has a photosensitive eye to detect movement. It sends a signal to a wall-mounted plastic speaker box into which you can record a short message. So when your pet eats, the box speaks! (Requires four AAA batteries.)

Pet cover. .
No more embarrassing pet hair on your (or your guests’) clothing! These one-piece covers are designed to protect sofas, love seats, and chairs from pet hair. Each cover drapes easily over your furniture to protect the seat, back, and arms. They are machine-washable and available in linen or chocolate- or taupe-quilted suede.

Fur Vac. .
It’s an easy way to get rid of pet hair without spending a fortune on a specialty vacuum cleaner. This plastic attachment fastens to any standard vacuum hose to remove pet hair from upholstery, rugs, stairs, and other fabric surfaces. It has special rubber grippers which â€magnetically†snatch up cat or dog hair.

Dog and Cat Sound Clock. .
Enjoy the sounds of dogs or cats throughout the day. Each wall clock features a different full-color cat or dog breed at each hour mark. At the top of each hour, the clock emits authentic barking or meowing sounds. It comes equipped with a light sensor which mutes the sounds when the room is dark. (Needs three AA batteries.)

Kibbler Clip N Scoop. .
It’s a feed bag clip and food scooper all in one! This small plastic scoop clips to the top of any cat or dog food bag. It also doubles as a food scooper to help you properly measure the right amount of food for your pet.

Toilet Paper Saver. .
Tired of cleaning up the bathroom tissue after your dog or cat has been playing with the roll? Then clip this TP Saver onto your toilet paper holder and lock it in place to prevent the waste of your bath tissue as a result of your playful pet. There is no assembly required, and the Saver is sold in a two-pack.

Pet Web ID Tag. .
Every pet owner worries about losing their pet. You can ease their mind with a collar tag that is equipped with computer technology. Imprinted on the tag is a unique identification number along with a toll-free phone number and website address, giving people who may find a lost cat or dog a way to contact the owner.

Beware Guard Dog Signs..
These are designed to make guests or passersby pause †or chuckle. The 8†x 5†signs feature a color photo of a specific dog breed along with the words, â€Beware! Guard [breed] on duty!â€

Dog Snuggie. .
Now your pooch can get into the Snuggieâ" craze! The popular blanket-with-sleeves is made of super-soft fleece and has adjustable tabs to fit almost any size of dog.. It’s perfect for canine walks in cooler weather.

Dog Breed Small Clocks. .
Always know when it is time to spend time with your dog! These polystone desktop-sized dog statuettes come with small analog clocks on their front sides. You can choose from 20 breeds, and each clock comes with a 1.5-volt battery.

Scratch N Massage Cat Bed.
It’s the height of relaxation for your cat! The bed is made of comfortable ripple board which massages your feline’s paws as he or she scratches it. The floors and walls are treated with organic catnip oil and flakes to relax your cat’s senses.

Cat Oat Kit.
Oats are nature’s hairball remedy for cats. This kit (which includes an eight-ounce pot, lid, an ounce of oat seeds, and peat moss) lets you grow your own oat grass and give your kitty something to nibble on instead of your houseplants. Oat grass contains chlorophyll and trace minerals for fresh breath and fewer hairball problems.

Froli Cat Bolt.
This small gadget can provide hours of fun for your kitten or cat. When you flip the on/off switch, the device emits a red laser beam which generates random patterns on any flat surface. You can set hold it or set it down †the laser will shut off after 15 minutes.

Anyone can buy a thoughtful gift. But giving a present which celebrates the recipient’s love for his or her pet will show that you appreciate the happiness and comfort that a dog or cat can provide.

Chris Martin is a freelance writer who writes family events and giving gifts

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