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Kitty Cat Poems If I Was A Cat

If I was a cat , I wouldn’t like that. A dirty old litter box ; the dog can get at                                                                He hovers around my litter box ; frightening me. I wish he would leave, I have to pee. The dog is persistent, he won’t go away. My litter pan , has been invaded, again today. He thinks it’s a treat; he’s wagging and chewing He could get sick; he doesn’t know what he’s doing! Oh, if I were a cat , I wouldn’t like that A litter box is not for a dog , it’s for a cat.   If I was a cat , I wouldn’t like that. A litter box , that even I can’t get at It’s buried in the basement, all dark, damp and cold. The scary noises, steep stairs, I’m getting too old. I don’t feel safe down here in the cellar. Where is my owner, I want to tell her. Oh, if I were a cat, I wouldn’t like that A litter box should be a private, safe place for a cat .   If I was a cat, I wouldn’t like that. My litter pan area’s a mess, look at the mat.   Outside my box there is lots of strewn litter The appearance is revolting; I’m starting to get bitter. It’s not right to leave my litter box this way. Somebody help keep the litter mess at bay. Oh, if I was a cat , I wouldn’t like that Dirty, messy, litter all over my mat.       If I was a cat, and was asked my choice If I could be heard, with my tiny, small voice The box I would ask for, if I could say Get me a LitterHouse , right away. It’s private and hidden, and easy to clean The LitterHouse is the best litter box, I’ve ever seen. Controls cat odor and litter , with a charming good look LitterHouse cat litter box is the best box, in my book!   If I was a cat , I would like that!!!   Written for Sox The Cat, our inspiration!

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Written by Kitty Cat Central

May 8th, 2012 at 3:43 pm