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The addition of sisal scratching posts may be great because cats enjoy sisal. I heard a long time ago that we use carpeted scratching posts for the cats, encourage them to scratch into it, and then get mad because they scratch the carpet on the floor. As smart as people think our cats are (and naturally they really are that will smart... haha) they don't know the difference relating to the carpet on the post and the floor. Poor things are totally confused! The sisal however causes it to become clear what to scratch on and they like it much far better. It makes their cat furniture so much more fun for them and for that reason much easier on some of our carpets. The fun that cats have playing on this furniture is a riot to look at. It's honestly just the maximum amount of fun for us and I've spent many hours just watching their antics on the cat towers and condos they also have. Cat trees and condos, as well as steps, rockers and tunnels are all part of the available inventory of home furnishings. A cat condo is normally made from a heavy duty cardboard tube that have been covered in carpet. It has multiple levels (a few being most common), just about every having an entrance pit, and a 'floor' between the levels that has a hole large enough for the cat to move in place or down while within the condo. A cat tree is a number vertical posts that have resting places on the 'limbs'. Sometimes they are shelves, or may are similar to short boxes. Most quite often trees are covered in carpet, with the reduced part having sisal or burlap to encourage uncovering. Many manufacturers now blend trees and condos into one piece of furniture, giving kitty a true hidey-hole when he can spy in the world, but remain hidden himself. (If you now have a jokester, he will lie in wait until you walk by, then pop out to startle you.)Besides combining cat trees and shrubs and condos, designers also have created castles, forts, treehouses, even trees and mushrooms. Additions include ropes to hang from; stairs; swinging shelves;?? pipes and nests. Cat trees and condos can be purchased in many heights and designs. Carpets range from berber to shag and will or may not have a sculpted texture. Colors may very well be solid or patterned. Locating a tree or condo that will fits your d?? cor is easier than you think. A few manufacturers even take orders on colors. Many cats discover a method to enjoy the challenge presented by intricate cat sapling and condo designs. Multiple cat households are often treated to games of king in the hill, where one cat is either at the top of the tree, or in (one of) the condo(ohydrates) fending off attacks in the others. When re-carpeting, always rugs the bases Distinct Cat Furniture, Cat Furniture: Fun and Healthy, Cat Furniture: Fun and Healthy and pedestals first and do the post(ohydrates) last. Should you have a condo that is worn out to look at and basically shredded by cat claws, by all means try to replace Distinct Cat Furniture, Cat Furniture: Fun and Healthy, Cat Condos Offer Benefits to Both Felines and Their Owners the carpet rather then purchase another one.

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