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Kitty Bow Set

Adorable Infant Halloween Costumes by

Infant Halloween costumes generally lack all of the fanfare and typical Halloween embellishments that are found on most trickster costumes. Still, you can find an adorable Halloween costume for your little bundle of joy. Infant costumes are designed with your child's safety in mind, so that you can rest assured knowing that your child is safe and sound for their very first Halloween.

Another key point to remember about infant costumes is that many of them are unisex. Don't worry about deciphering whether or not the costume is designed for a boy or a girl. Descriptions will specifically state if the costume is designed for a boy or a girl. If the description does not state the sex, then you can safely assume that the costume can be worn by a boy or a girl. Are you ready to view some of the cutest costumes on the planet? Here we go!

Infant Cuddly Bear Costume

So precious and oh so soft. Your infant will be the cutest wee lil' bear that you ever did see. The costume is a chenille jumpsuit with a soft satin bow at the neck and inner leg snap closures. The snap closure makes the costume easy to put on and easy to pull off.

Football Infant Costume

Ready, set, hike! Wait! That's not a ball'that's a baby! Wrap your child is the awesome football costume and get ready to trick or treat. This generic costume doesn't pay tribute to any team; all bickering and smack talk is alleviated with this neutral costume.

Pea in a Pod

This costume calls for a photoshoot. The jumpsuit includes large makeshift peas down the front, and your smile baby's face protrudes from the opening at the top of the headpiece.

Infant Lady Bug Costume

What a darling bug your precious girl will be. This costume comes complete with a black and red polka dot dress (netting is attached underneath), and lady bug wings. Buy basic opaque tights and shiny ballet flats to complete this Halloween costume.

Infant Cute Black Kitty Costume

This costume reminds us of Looney Toone's spunky Sylvester the cat. The costume is composed of comfy chenille and is a jumpsuit with a matching headpiece. A toy mouse rattle is included.

Ragamuffin Dolly Kids Costume

Your daughter will make a cute Raggedy Ann in this dress with apron and pantaloons, The hat comes attached with yarn, so a wig is unnecessary.

Chickie Costume

This infant costume is our favorite. The colors are vivid and it comes complete with jumpsuit, pants, headpiece, and booties. Your son or daughter will rule the henhouse in this endearing costume.

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April 7th, 2012 at 8:29 pm