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The Crocs Craze and the Anatomy of Cute by Peter Stewart

It has been pretty much a decade now and although the intensity of the Crocs mania has cooled down to some degree, it seems that these outrageous, colorful shoes are here to stay.

But what exactly is it that drove this particular explosion of affection for shoes that many people think are plain ugly?

Ease Defined

It is difficult to refute the overall simpleness of the whole Crocs range. The principal of a block of rubber-like material molded into a shoe might appear to be a shoddy idea, however the proof is in the pudding, or bank statements.

While simplicity may be overdone, the industry of sneakers is actually evidence of the other extreme. Filled with technobabble on how every tiny bit helps to breathe, support your foot, give you the greatest bling and the hottest blang. The world of sneakers is blanketed in advertising pseudo-science.

Crocs are pretty straight forward. One bit of material. Small Jibbitz to add. Solid, bright colors. Simplicity.

Cuteness Exemplified

The first thing about Crocs is that they are vibrant colors. These produce an air of cuteness to them which has not really been present in the majority of trainers for a long time. While trainers went for greater style and features to catch the attention of the style conscious, Crocs decided to go the other way.

The Crocs strong, vivid colors stick out. Probably the most extreme has to be the range of Hello Kitty Crocs. The joining up of the two of these cuteness superpowers creates just about the most offensive shoes known to mankind. Using the mixture of strong blue, light and darker pink along with the adorable expressionless face of Hello Kitty you just cannot fail. These shoes are hard to miss in a crowd, impossible to lose in the dark, and are also likely to give your grandma cardiac arrest.

A solid piece of material to create shoes from also lends itself to other excellent possibilities. With a reputation like Crocs, exactly what else could you create, but a pair that look just like real, adorable crocs. Decorated with a crocodile head and full set of teeth, they'll eat you alive with all the power of cute.

Children are Crucial

Crocs wouldn't be where they are without the fan following of youngsters. As soon as these moncoque blocks initially appeared on store shelves they've been in the crosshairs of every youngster that really wants to be cool.

The range has since widened to cover older buyers, but the essence remains childlike. Possibly this really is one of several endearing options that come with Crocs. It's just like having your very own time machine on your feet. Chuck on a pair of Crocs and be taken back into the past with thoughts of riding on a roundabout until you ended up being sick or flinging mud pies at the neightbors from your hidden secret hiding place behind the bush.

Anyway you look at it, Crocs are here to stay. They squeezed into a industry ruled by old players and shook the applecart. Like them this is, they are not going anywhere soon.

Hello Kitty Crocs are definitely the ultimate in adorable crocs. Check out our Hello Kitty Crocs site for all the delicious secrets of Hello Kitty Crocs pink excellence.

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