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Kitty Best Kids

Dress Up Kitty Games for Girls, Kids, Teens

Dress up games are an ideal way to keep little girls entertained, but you may be looking for a twist to the tried and true princess dress up. If your daughter loves kitty cats, consider putting together kitty
dress up games
for her and her friends. There are several ways to do this and you can choose the one that works best for your kids.


Little girls can easily make a kitty mask using some paper and ribbon and you can turn the craft into a sweet game. Cut out some oval shapes from sheets of construction paper and give each girl a crayon. Sit the girls in a row at a table and pass down each oval paper, giving each girl five seconds to add her own cat detail to the mask. Keep passing the masks down until each is complete then staple on a ribbon to each side and cut out eye holes so the girls can wear the props.


Kitty ears are an important part of any cat costume and you can turn a Cat Ear craft into a game. Cut out some different colored triangles from sheets of construction paper and spread them on the table with glue, markers, glitter and some headbands. Blindfold each girl and have her put together her own cat ear headband, then un-blindfold her to reveal her creation.

Picture Game

Tear out photos of cats from a magazine or book and give one to each girl who wants to play dress up. Give the girls an hour to run around the house, finding items in various rooms to create a costume inspired by the picture of their cat. They can use items like old scarves, tablecloths, slippers. tin foil — anything they can get their hands on. Have a kitty fashion show once each girl has her costume on.


Collect some spare pieces of makeup from your dressing table or the dollar store and turn it into a makeup game for little girls. Have items like eyeliner, white powder and lipstick and give the girls 10 minutes to draw kitty cat faces onto one another's face. You can take photos of each girl once the time is up and have them give each other fake cat names based on the makeup, like "Rainbow Kitty" and "Miss Scarlett."

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July 15th, 2012 at 7:05 pm