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Kitty Baby Gift

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Kitty Baby Gift

WowWee Lion Cub - Baby Holiday Gifts That Delight Everyone by Harley Hamilton

WowWee Alive Lion Cubs Plush Robotic Toys in Tan are the purr-fect gift for that perfect child in your life. If you are looking for one of the best baby holiday gifts, this is definitely at the top of the list.

This adorable littlest lion is a charming and furry kitty that wants nothing more than to come home with you and become part of your family. Who would imagine that a robotic toy could bring the experience of a wonderfully wild creature of nature into your home? Your children will be delighted for the opportunity to play and take care of their own baby lion. With realistic looks, soft, fur, and soulful eyes, the expression on his little face seems to ask you to please take him home.

He has special light and touch activated sensors that give him the ability to purr, or let out cute little baby lion sounds. Your lion cub is able to talk to you while moving his mouth and curling his lip in perfect synchronization with his contented, baby rumblings. It is very easy for him to enchant an audience when he blinks his eyes and gives you his kitten smile. This WowWee Alive Lion Cubs Plush Robotic Toys in Tan are the perfect pets and companions for small children or big adults. Everyone who has the opportunity to meet him will be swept up by his sweet personality. This gift is guaranteed to immediately capture the hearts of all members of your household.

Children who are 3 or older adore having this sweet cat on their bed, and the WowWee Alive Lion Cubs Plush Robotic Toys in Tan are guaranteed to behave at all times. If you pet him, he will mew and purr in appreciation, and can continue to entertain you with his large vocabulary of friendly baby cub noises. His eyes will seem to smile at you as he purrs in contentment and you might just forget that he is a toy and try to feed him by mistake. Don't worry, we won't tell, because we sometimes think that the WowWee Alive Lion Cubs Plush Robotic Toys in Tan are real too.

These WowWee pets are gentle company who willingly settle down to sleep if you leave them undisturbed for a few minutes. They are ready to respond to a friendly pat on the head at any time of day or night, however, and this can be very reassuring to a small child who wakes in the middle of the night. What better friend than one who is eager to comfort you whenever you need, no one will ever feel alone when they have WowWee Alive Lion Cubs Plush Robotic Toys in Tan to keep them company.

Everything they never told you about WowWee Lion Cub revealed! For more insider tips and information be sure and check out WowWee Alive Cubs.

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April 4th, 2012 at 3:35 pm