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Kitty Animal Pal

Perfect Gift for Your Kids by Colleen McCullough

The Webkinz Stuffed Animal Toys seem to be the answer to those gift-buying miseries whenever theres an occasion for the kids (e.g. Birthday, Baby Shower, etc). Most people thought that buying gifts for the kids seem like a kids business but don't be assured. Though kids they are, they're sometimes hard to please because of so many toys or items already in their room and if you thought escaping that forgettable status is difficult, then think again. It is very simple as a matter of fact.

If in doubt, why not present your niece, nephew, your boss kid, or you own ones with Webkinz stuffed animal toys. They are cute, adorable, and very affordable with quality that will match those Michael Jackson Toys in Neverland.

Here are the Webkinz Best-Seller Treats

Webkinz Trading Cards

This is very popular among kids for each pack comes with a card with up to five feature codes that allow you to unlock new virtual prizes for Webkinz pets. Each Series 1 Trading Card pack comes with 6 cards where you can collect, trade, and play awesome games with Webkinz Trading Cards! The first series of Webkinz Trading Cards feature your favorite Webkinz pets, characters, items and recipes for you to collect and enjoy.

Webkinz Gift Bags

Now this one is great for giving Webkinz gifts to family and friends. The Webkinz Gift Bags comes with different colors and design.

Black & White Cheeky Dog

Every kid loves dog for they are loyal pets and adorable. Webkinz knows this for a fact thats why Black and White Cheeky Dogs has the puffiest cheeks in Webkinz World. Black and White Cheeky Dogs love to hang out in the Clubhouse, visit the Arcade and decorate their rooms.


This fuzzy and truly adorable kitty is known for being kind, intelligent and very sociable. Webkinz Himalayans are puffy, fluffy and full of energy. Take one look into those deep blue eyes and you're guaranteed to see a true friend looking back.


Happen to meet this marvelous marsupial? If not, hop to it! The Kangaroo is a bubbly, bouncy friend who loves meeting new Webkinz and belonging to a big family. Webkinz Kangaroos simply adore dressing up to look their best and they LOVE challenging friends to a game or two.


Looking for a funny, friendly, feathery pal, then you should meet the duck! This delightful duck loves to quack up with a good joke or story and enjoys being a bit of a jester. Want to put a BIG smile on your ducks beak? Just pick up a delicious snack of tasty cheese and quackers.

Love Monkey

Bubblegum pink and covered with red and purple hearts, you're sure to love this Love Monkey. Theres nothing quite as cute as this Valentine pal and Love Monkeys love to play with friends, visit the Clubhouse and learn lots of new things. What do they love most of all? Eating a big loaf of Blushin Banana Bread and hanging out with their very best friend " YOU (or rather, the kids)


The Turtle may not be the fastest pet, but its definitely one of the friendliest! Terrific turtles are happiest when surrounded by their best pals " so be sure to visit the Clubhouse often! If you want to put a BIG smile on your Turtles face, pick up a pile of bugberry pies at the W Shop.

This author is a Big fan of Stuffed Webkinz Animals Online For Sale and Webkinz Bull Frog.

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April 9th, 2012 at 5:53 pm