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Moving house is stressful for your kitten or cat by Brooke Pens

Moving house for your kitten or cat is a stressful time as they develop strong bonds with their environment and other animals in the district. To your pet it is a distressing time and if they become too worried they can stop eating which affects their cat nutrition.

Some cats need placing on a special pet diet by their vet to stop them from losing weight too quickly

On the day you are moving, before the removal van arrives you should place your kitten or cat in a bedroom with a pet cat carrier, cat bed, litter tray, cat food and of course plenty of fresh drinking water.

Make sure the windows are shut and place a note on the door for the removal men to keep out.

Once you are ready to leave, place your pet cat in to her pet carrier and put her in the back of your car, not the removal van.

When you arrive at your new home, place your pet in a bedroom with your cat with all her cat accessories. Keep the door shut.

Keep your kitten or cat in the house for a couple of weeks which can be a daunting task in itself.

Provide her with small portions of food from her pet diet for two or three times a day until you feel she has settled.

At Hills Pets we have a range of balanced pet food for kittens and adults cats with quality ingredients that have been approved by vets in their quest to keep cat nutrition at its best.

If kittens are given too much pet food they soon become obese; instead of living life to the full they have poor muscles and bones which affects their lifestyle. Overweight kittens become overweight cats.

Placing a kitten on the right pet diet with the correct portions of balanced food will ensure your cat grows strong and healthy.

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