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Using Color Contacts As Fashion Accessories by Michael Wright

Color contact lenses are the latest trend in fashion. These hot fashion accessories make your eyes look stunning. They completely transform your look and there are so many to choose from. The variety of colors available not only change your eye color, these fashion accessories even have designs on them for theme and costume parties, such as for Halloween or Valentine's Day, etc.

These color contact lenses are simply cosmetic accessories, and not for medical purposes, and so should be used only temporarily, for a short period of time. Most of the people using color contact lenses do not have a vision problem, and use them only as a fashion accessory. People with vision problem, too, can have color contacts made, based on their prescription, and should consult their ophthalmologist beforehand.

The Latest Fashion Trend
If you want to be the center of attention in a gathering or a party, color contact lenses are the answer. Color contact lenses provide you with the versatility to change your eye color to any color you want instantly, and are great fun.

These fashion accessories are available from a number of sources including beauty salons, some doctors, and novelty stores - which normally would stock Halloween contact lenses. You can have a larger selection of color contact lenses from online retailers, and these could be less expensive than buying from other sources.

There are two main types of color contact lenses, just as there are for normal contacts. They are the disposable types, and the ones for extended wear. The extended wear contact lenses can be used up to a year, and sometimes even longer, depending on your usage. Disposable contact lenses are worn for shorter periods for about a week or so. Such contact lenses come, more or less, in packs of six pairs.

Therefore, whether you buy disposables or extended wear color contact lenses as an accessory for fashion, depends on your usage. If you wish to have green eyes more often, it would probably be better to go for extended wear lenses. If on the other hand, your color contact lenses are for use on Halloween Day only, or on Valentine's Day, it is advisable to go for disposable types. Today, most doctors recommend disposable contact lenses even in the prescription category, and it is equally applicable for contact lenses for cosmetic purposes.

Colors In Contact Lenses
Blue is the most popular in color contact lenses. Many people, born with eyes of different colors, prefer blue eyes, and some people with blue eyes wish theirs were of a brighter hue. You can have blue contacts in a variety of hues, up to a true vivid blue. Green is another color sought by those looking for color contacts as fashion accessories. Green, whether jade green or emerald green, exudes sexuality, and is appropriate for those wishing to bring out their wild side!

People with dark eyes and medium to dark skin can create a mysterious look with amethyst color contact lenses. Natural amethyst, or purple, color eyes are very rare, and with your contact lenses in purple color, you will be noticed.

There is another way of being noticed without changing the natural color of your eyes. It is by using contact lenses with a 'definition ring.' These are clear lenses with a dark ring that outlines the natural color of your eyes, adding depth to them and makes your eyes appear large. One other type of color contact lenses have an illuminating effect that lend sparkle to your eyes, exuding with life and happiness. These are a great way of drawing attention to your eyes.

Also popular for cosmetic uses are a variety of contact lenses used on particular occasions. Valentine's Day color contact lenses come in a variety of different colors with hearts in various shapes and styles painted on them. For Halloween too, there is an endless variety to select from creating great effects, such as cat eye, ice fire, red hot, black, red and white spiral, wolf, and many others.

Safe Use Of Color Contact Lenses
As this particular fashion accessory comes in touch with your eyes a delicate organ every time you use it, care needs to be taken each and every time. There are ways of using color contacts so that they do not give you any problem. The two main reasons why color contact lenses used as fashion accessories may cause problems to your eyes are:

Buying color contact lenses that are of inferior quality, and without the doctor's prescription.
Not taking good care of your color contact lenses.

You may normally be buying your fashion accessories, such as jewelry, from beauty salons, and at times from the flea market. Buying color contacts from such places could be dangerous, as most paints are toxic. You need to buy your color contact lenses from places where they are properly manufactured. Without a doctor's prescription, most color contact lenses do not meet the basic requirements avoiding direct contact between the paint and the sensitive surface of your eyes.

The other safety rules you need to follow are:

Even if you do not need vision correction contacts, it is best to obtain a doctor's prescription to select the best lenses there are.

Buying color contacts may be less expensive online, still buy from a reputable online retailer.

As a fashion accessory, color contact lenses need to be worn for shorter periods. Do not wear such contacts for more than 8 to 9 hours, as most block the flow of oxygen to your eyes, which could cause problem.

Though certain color contacts come with the FDA approval to wear continuously for 7 days at a stretch, it is always advisable not to risk eye health, even with the best of color contacts available.

Always remove your color contacts while swimming. Other than the chance of losing your lens in water, there is every chance of water creating a condition favorable to bacteria growth.

If bought from a reputed source, and used safely, your color contact lenses will make a great fashion accessory.

Michael Wright is a virtual authority on acuvue contact lenses. He also writes articles about ciba vision lenses and color contact lenses.

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April 3rd, 2012 at 1:17 am