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The Do's And Don'ts Of Wearing Halloween Lingerie by Victor Epand

With so many sexy costumes on the market and so many women wearing them the inevitable question is where is the most appropriate place to wear a sexy costume? While the safe answer is it depends, let us lay down some general rules to guide you and hopefully avoid some likely pitfalls.

At work there are many place of employment that will have Halloween parties or other occasions where a costume is required or allowed, but it is important to avoid the temptation to wear a sexy costume to a work related event. The reasons will become apparent during the event or the day after and the damage has already been done. Sexy costumes are generally short, tight, and revealing, which are all things that do not have a place in a work environment.

Although you may say that everyone is cool where you work and they are all wearing costumes. Well, this is great, but you may still want to dress up as a cat and wear a mask or have a friend use makeup to create the illusion of a Cat Face. You may want to wear a costume to show that you like to have fun and enjoy yourself, but do not forget that you want your co-workers and superiors to view you as an equal instead of a sex object. Wearing a sexy costume in the environment where a boss or co-workers see you in suggestive clothing may cause some at work to question your judgment or even worse your morals, so remember that work is work and a party is a party, so do not do it.

In bars it is alright to wear Halloween lingerie, but be sure that you are in a group of friends and know your level of tolerance before you step out the door. You will also want to know what your girlfriends are wearing and do not be the hit of this party. Night clubs and bars are a perfect place to let down your hair, look hot, and have a great time, but you do not want to be constantly pulling up your stockings, popping out of your top, and showing off your panties, so be sure to be prepared. Ask yourself a couple of questions such as, "I going to have a good time dressed like this?"

Most men will agree that a woman in a short skirt, stockings, a pair of high heels, and a skimpy top is hot, but is that the same girl having fun? Stockings generally need garter belts to hold them up and although stay up stockings will work, they were not really made for a girl dancing for three or four hours, because once you start perspiring, getting up, and into night club booths might be tough. High heels make a woman's legs look awesome, but they are not made for dancing, at least not longer than ten or fifteen minutes.

Finally consider wearing ruffle panties, because if your panties show under the costume that way you do not really care who sees them as they are meant to be seen. Also, be sure you know the atmosphere of the bar or nightclub you are visiting. Is it upscale with plenty of security or is it a dive with a bunch of gap toothed hooligans in attendance? Considering what you are wearing you may want to steer clear of the roadhouse where three people were shot last weekend, because you can always go there next weekend.

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