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Homemade Carp And Catfish Sausage Meat Baits Save You A Fortune! by Tim Richardson

Sausage meat is now part of carp and cat fishing history having proven its worth as a very effective cheap bait ingredient for small and big fish (many thousands of times, and for decades.) It is far cheaper than using the popular Pepperoni and similar luncheon meat type products for example. But how do you make extremely effective but very cheap baits and ground baits using it; see a few very proven big fish suggestions right now!...

The first ideal part about sausage meat is how cheap and easily available it is. It comes in various forms and grades and as usual it is best to get the freshest product possible. This kind of meat is just not fashionable today which means right now is a perfect time to be exploiting it!

Making baits from congealed or minced sausage meats is really simple, fast and easy. It contains many nutrients that stimulate big catfish and carp with many oils and amino acids etc. Although many sausage meat products contain rusk and cereal is great bulking and binding agent, you can use extremely cheap wheat flour for example, plus eggs to bind it into a dough, to use as bait, or to make paste baits or produce boiled baits.

So how do you further produce one of the cheapest home made protein baits fast and easily?

Use a large pan or bowl to make a bait mix using a test batch of about half a pound of meat plus about 2or 3 hen's eggs and enough wheat flour added to bind into dough. This is practical bait to use immediately, or you can store it in plastic bags and store in the freezer or fridge for future sessions. Although these meat baits (like any bait ingredients) may vary in nutritional profiles and fish effects and catch results, they are normally instant type baits and reliable fish catchers straight from the first cast.

Like the majority of carp and catfish baits, the best way to start fishing with it is to feed perhaps 2 to 6 pounds or more of it into your swim, in advance. (This is certainly not absolutely necessary however!) You might for instance, over a period of 3 days prior to fishing, start introducing paste pieces about an inch in diameter just by pulling them off your balls of dough you have made.

When you pre-bait fish will obviously get a smell and taste of it without getting hooked so be more confident when you do try it on the hook, so do it! You can use sausage meat baits as part of your ground baiting or with other meat baits like chopped spam, meatballs, luncheon meats if you want the extra expense; sausage meat and cheap rolled oats is fine! Scald or boil or steam your baits if needed where smaller fish prove a bother, but add some paste to your bait on your rig or on the hook to boost more soluble attraction...

You might make your boilies from small half inch odd shaped pieces and these odd baits will have a competitive edge over all those expensive uniformly shaped machine-rolled baits! Just get a half pan of water boiling and add a handful of baits at a time usually for about 2 minutes on average before removing them. Use handy towels or papers (or special drying trays from Gardener tackle) to dry your baits and remember to keep your water boiling at all times.

Boil your baits for anything from a minute to 5 minutes; the longer boiling makes them harder, but this loses more attraction in the process. To help attraction there are so many choices to add to your bait, or just to keep results coming. For instance you could add sea salt at about a teaspoon per 2 eggs worth of bait mixed, or add curry powder at a heaped teaspoonful per egg used in the mix or more depending on the form of curry powder used.

Really cheap homemade sausage baits might mirror Pepperoni products and you can add herbs and spices to improve attraction and stimulates fish digestion and general metabolism which is extremely valuable thing to do! You might simply add yeast powders, or Marmite or Vegemite to improve your stimulatory nutritional profile or use various matured cheeses which are rich in stimulatory salts and bacterially predigested proteins. Save money by adding a proportion of liquidised liver instead of more expensive liquid protein amino acids supplements for instance to boost nutritional stimulation.

The fact is that there are thousands of additives, liquids, flavours and some very refined and advanced bait ingredients and extracts you could use. Many ingredients are often used to most exploit the food detection systems of fish which have internal and external specialised cells which enable fish to instinctively home in on your bait. You might use a proprietary flavour like Secret Agent, Megaspice, Mulberry Florentine or Maple steep liquor, vodka, spice oleoresins, or add MSG to enhance taste, or simply add salted liquidised liver or liver pate, (just a desert spoonful per egg of 2 these will keep big results coming your way!)

Fishing baits which are based on substances that trigger fish feeding and fish metabolism among many other things are well recommended, but you need to get to know the details of this to exploit them most cost effectively, but remember the advantages of using a popular commercial bait is lessened by far when fishing against more experienced, talented, full-time moneyed (or bait sponsored) anglers! Homemade baits like those based on very cheap sausage meat work against those highly hyped baits that cost a fortune (even if they are enzyme active etc,) and will catch you lots of big carp and catfish: fact. Obviously the more you get to know about bait the more edges you can have which save you a fortune and keep producing better than average catch results, and cheap baits are not necessarily crap baits; but the complete opposite so keep reading!

By Tim Richardson.

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