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Cute Kitty 10

A Chubby Kitty Can Be a Sick Kitty by Gwen Tanner

Has you cute, cuddly cat gained weight? In this article, we will look at how similar an overweight kitty is to an overweight human. Once you see that your cat can have some of the same complications as an overweight or obese person, you will see that a cute chubby kitty is not necessarily the most adorable pet, but rather a kitty with serious health problems.

If people can become overweight or obese, then you can bet so can our furry friends! The realities of habits of snacking and lounging on the sofa watching late night TV plague us all. And who is your best buddy to snack and veg out with? Yes, your favorite pet cat. When a cat becomes overweight, they become at risk of a variety of diseases associated with obesity, similar to those of obese humans. Overweight cats can contract illnesses such as diabetes which is very common among overweight and obese people.

Heaviness in your kitty can cause lameness which might be caused by joint diseases and joint stress, arthritis or muscle injuries. Overweight kitties may also develop non-allergic skin conditions because they will not be able to scratch or clean themselves properly due to lack of flexibility and reach.

But there is even more trouble for a puffy kitty. Your cat may develop breathing problems, in addition to low energy and stamina. what would this result in? Just like those of us who are overweight and out of shape, you cat will not be able to tolerate much exercise. What happens when we are out of shape and try to exercise? We become out of breath very quickly, and have heavy breathing and heart pounding. This same is true for your overweight puss. Imagine yourself totally out of breath and gasping for air - then imagine how your small cat may react to the same type of situation.

It's a lot to think about - and to worry about, but there is plenty that you can do to help.

How Can You Help Your Cat?

The first thing that you can do to help keep your cat from gaining weight is to make sure that it is eating the right types of food. Also ensure that you are not overfeeding your kitty or allowing him to overeat. Remember that you are are in control of the food and therefore your cat's weight.

If you notice your cat is gaining weight, check with your vet to make sure you are feeding him the right type of food and check that the cat is OK healthwise. If he's just a little chubby because you have been feeding him a little too much - then its time for him to go on a diet. Maybe it might help to make your cat your diet buddy. Remember eating right and exercise is good for you - and you best pet buddy!

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April 3rd, 2012 at 2:00 am