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Cute Cat Rhinestone

Hip Kid Clothes and Baby Clothes for Halloween by Vinisha Vinny

When one thinks of the month of October and trendy baby clothes, they think of the colors orange and black. While these colors are associated with Halloween, hip kid clothes and trendy baby clothes can look stylish in these colors and can be worn fashionably all month long. This is a fun month to wear stylish, hip kid clothes in orange and black, or with styles that have a cat, spider, or pumpkin on it. Lollipop Moon has several trendy baby clothes and hip kid clothes selections that are perfect for the month of October.

Many of the fashionable pieces offered can be mixed and matched to be worn at other times in the year, as well. Baby girls, baby boys, older girls, and older boys can all enjoy the spooky fashions from Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique.

The designer Mud Pie has trendy baby clothes and hip kid clothes just for the Halloween season. The Mud Pie Pumpkin Skirt Set and matching Mud Pie Pumpkin Hat are too cute for words and the perfect outfit for infants. This is a much cuter option that wearing a costume, and it can be worn all fall long. The Mud Pie Cat Tunic and Tight Set and matching Mud Pie Halloween Bow are a fun choice for older girls. What is fun about Mud Pie’s designs is that they are Halloween-inspired, but they are not scary and can still be worn all fall long.

For a dramatic Halloween outfit, dress your little girl in the Rachel on the flower Black Pettidress. This rich black pettidress is gorgeous and pefect for Halloween. It can also be worn any other time of the year too. To make this pretty pettidress more Halloween orientated, why not add cute orange bows or orange leggings to the outfit. An orange cardigan or sweater will help keep your little one warm for the Halloween season.

For little boys, the Silver Skull Baby Creeper is another great example of trendy baby clothes that work for Halloween as well as any time of the year. To go with the Halloween them, dress your little guy in this cute baby creeper and pair it with an orange beanie and orange booties. The Rhinestone Spider Baby Creeper is a similar look that will also be great for Halloween. The Orange Dragon Baby Creeper already has the orange and black colors going on too!

The Silver Skull Hooded Jacket will keep your little guy warm all fall and winter long. It will also add a touch of Halloween to their costume on the cold nights of trick or treating.

For newborns, keep them warm, while dressing them up with bunting sets like the Football Bunting & Cap, the Mermaid Baby & Mercap Gift Set, or the Velour Teddy Bear Baby Bunting & Cap. Not only do these bunting sets make great costumes, but they are also perfect for first pictures and keeping newborns comfortable.

The Pumpkin BabyLegs and Black and Gold Stripe are great leggings to add warmth to costumes and onesies. These two designs will also add a touch of Halloween to the overall trendy baby clothes outfit. Headbands, like the Jamie Rae Orange Geranium Headband and the Assorted Colored Headband in orange are perfect for adding a hint of orange to any outfit.

Get ready for Halloween with Lollipop Moon’s trendy baby clothes and hips kid clothes in orange and black. Your little one will look spook-a-rific this fall season!

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Lollipopmoom offers a variety of high quality, hip and stylish clothing and accessories for your babies, Our top baby boutiques is the perfect store to buy designer baby clothes and mud pie clothing.

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March 23rd, 2012 at 3:32 pm