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Have You Ever Heard Of The Burmese Cat Breed? by Charlie Reese

The History Of The Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is a wonderful breed of domesticated cat that was first discovered in the country of Thailand in the early eighteenth century, when they were transplanted to Burma. They were introduced into British society in 1871, by Harrison Weir and quickly gained in popularity. The Burmese breed wasn't officially recognized as a true breed until 1936, when the Cat Fancier's Association granted recognition of the Burmese as being separate and distinguishable from the Siamese cat.

Varieties Of The Burmese Cat

Interbred with the Siamese cat for many years, there are several different varieties of the Burmese cat. They range in color and size, as well as originating country. The most popular breed of the Burmese is the Traditional Burmese cat found in Britain. Also available is the American Contemporary Burmese, although many organizations and breeders do not recognize the American version as a true breed.

The most common colors of the Burmese cat are Sable, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red Cream, and Tortoiseshell. Other colors not as common include Cinnamon, Fawn, and Caramel.

The American, contemporary Burmese cat is a stockier variety, whereas the Traditional Burmese found in Britain is considered to be a more "oriental" look. The traditional Burmese has a more triangular head, whereas the contemporary variety is classified as being more pug-like, with a rounder head, and a stockier build.

While the features of the contemporary Burmese cat have always been considered more desirable, the rounder shape of the head, and the stockier body are actually caused by a genetic defect. Many breeders of the contemporary variety are unconcerned, however, and maintain that the defect is only actually lethal in a small number of kittens born. These affected kittens are most always euthanized upon birth.

Cat Associations

The Burmese Cat Society of America was the most popular cat society dedicated solely to the breeding and continuation of the Burmese breed, and succeeded in gaining the breed Western recognition in 1953. The Burmese Cat Club, based in Britain, was founded a few years later in 1955. In 1979, The Burmese Cat Society of Britain was founded.

Each of these groups are affiliated with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancier, an organization based in the United Kingdom which acts as the governing force over the rules of pedigree cat breeding. Their involvement with the Burmese cat was first recorded in 1930, when Doctor Joseph Thompson imported a female into the United States.

The Burmese cat is a very loving breed, unlike the Siamese they so resemble. If you are interested in owning one of these lovely felines, talk to your local cat society today!

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