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Color Cat Rings

Dog Comfort, Safety and Fashion with Collars and Leashes by Connie Limon

Dog collars are practical and fashionable. A dog collar can hold your dog's identification which can be his ticket back home to you if he gets lost. A dog collar can also be your dog's most fashionable statement showing the world just how pampered and stylish he is.

Every dog needs at least one collar. But as it is with you and earrings or necklaces and rings, your dog and you will enjoy having several. Of course, you only really need one pair of shoes, but chances are you have many, a style and color for every occasion. So can it be the same with your dog's collar. You and your dog can enjoy a color and style for any and every occasion.

The dogs that belong to celebrities are known to wear some of the most fabulous-looking collars. The rich and famous love to splurge on fashionable collars for their dogs.

Throughout history people have adorned their dog's necks with jewels, brass and velvet. We are not the first generation to love our dogs. A dog-collar museum at Leeds Castle in England displays a collection of collars from medieval times to the nineteenth century. Many of those collars include the same kind of identification information we put on our dog tags today.

The collars you choose for you dog should provide comfort and safety as well as adornment. A collar that does not fit properly can create sores. A collar that is too loose can allow your dog to slip out. A collar that is not sturdy can break just at a time you need it most to be strong enough to hold your dog in safety. Finding the right fit is the first rule when purchasing collars for your dog.

Do not put a huge collar and leash on a little dog. It can irritate your dog's throat. The little guys under 8 pounds should have a collar that is 3/8-inch wide. Bigger dogs can use a collar 5/8-inch in size.

If you have a bigger and more active dog be sure the collar is strong. If your bigger dog suddenly flies to the end of the leash after a cat while on your walk, you will be glad he was wearing a very strong collar and leash. Once I was walking one of my 10 pound Shih Tzu's on a sidewalk that surrounded a lake. The ducks on the sidewalk suddenly flew into the water, and right after them went my Cindy and almost me too. Without a strong collar and leash that day she would have ended up in the lake for sure (I am unsure if Cindy can swim), but my first instinct would have been to run right after her and I for sure cannot swim. Luckily I was able to pull her back.

Look for well-constructed buckles and collars made of leather or other materials that won't fall apart right at the wrong" moment.

Be sure your dog's collar is secure around his neck. Otherwise he could learn to get his head out of the collar. Put your thumb or other fingers inside the collar. If you can fit more than one finger comfortably between collar and your dog's neck, the collar on a small dog is too loose. Collar fitting can also be determined by the size of your dog's head. If your dog has a big neck and a little head, the collar has to be fitted snug around his neck. If he has a skinny neck and a large head, the collar can be looser.

Whether you pay $5 or $100 for your dog's collars, think about quality, comfort and safety before you buy. It is fun to find stylish collars, but just be sure your dog is comfortable and safe as well.

Connie Limon is a Shih Tzu breeder. Buy designer dog clothes, collars and leashes at:

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March 20th, 2012 at 4:09 am