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Zoppini Charms Bracelets Are Charming by Dustin Cannon

The new charm bracelets have arrived! The old style of charm bracelets went out quite some time ago, but it seems that America has revived the charm bracelet, not by creating a new style, but by picking up on a great style of charm bracelet that comes from Italy. They're called Zoppini Charms, and you've probably seen one of these bracelets without knowing what it was. These charms are not the old kind of dangle charms that all dangle off of a silver bracelet; these charms make up the bracelet itself.

How it works is that you get a starter bracelet, to which you add charms. In principle, it sounds just like that charm bracelet you had as a child, but the look of Zoppini charms is totally different from the look of the charm bracelets of our youth. Zoppini charms are each rectangular charms that band together and go all away around the wrist. The end result is in a bold, chunky, geometrical bracelet instead of a floppy, klinking bracelet like the traditional charm bracelet.

Zoppini charms are all the rage in America, in addition to being popular in Italy and across Europe. There are, therefore, a large number of websites from which you can order the charms if you are interested in creating your own Zoppini Charm Bracelet. It is also an excellent idea for a gift for a child. Although the charms that you add to the bracelet follow the same idea as charms to a regular charm bracelet, Zoppini charms are less iconic than the old style of charms were. It wasn't always evident that that little silver charm was a dog and not a wolf, but then, it didn't really matter if people could tell exactly what charms you had on your bracelet.

Zoppini charms are generally pictorial, so a heart charm is very noticeably a heart because it is red and it is a two-dimensional picture of a heart instead of a three-dimensional silver blob of a heart. In general, Zoppini charms are much easier to figure out what each charm depicts.

Now, in the internet age, you can even upload a picture of your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your dog or your cat, onto a website that makes Zoppini charms and you will get a custom charm in the mail with the picture you uploaded blazoned across the front. In this way, Zoppini Charm Bracelets are much more personalized than the traditional charm bracelet ever was. On the other hand, you can simply choose charm links that are a smooth gemstone rectangle. This results in a very beautiful bracelet that nobody would know you have fashioned yourself, but you'll never come across someone with an exact duplicate of it because it is truly your own creation.

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