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Sophisticated online fashion boutique offers the ultimate in luxurious glamour by admindgs

For many women, sticking with the latest fashion trends, whilst still maintaining a sense of style individually is an act of femininity passed timelessly from generation to generation. Nowadays, the media scrutiny of the female appearance is more prominent than ever before, leading many women to styles perceived in a more positive light by the press, such as Arrogant cat, Almost famous and Bolongaro Trevor. Fashions of leading celebrity figures are highly desirable and amongst those mimicked most by the public. Eternal Envy Boutique is an online fashion facility with a range of items so unashamedly glamorous that many would not look out of sorts in top A-List celebrity shops.

Eternal Envy has diligently hand selected a range of top independent designers from around the globe, from Arrogant Cat, Traffic People to Bolongaro Trevor, ensuring an eclectic clothing range never seen before. Styles vary dramatically from designer to designer, and with sizes up to 16, women of any shape or size will have a look of elegance, through perfectly tailored and fitted items. The compact and concise layout of the site makes window shopping online a pleasurable experience. There are clearly defined clothing and accessory sections, featuring everything from handbags to formal cocktail dresses. Under the collections tab it is possible to browse clothing by individual designers, whilst the search facility provides the option of finding a specific item directly, such as Almost famous fashion items.

The funky items chosen by Eternal Envy are the brainchild of many of the extravert designer brands and include names like Bolongaro Trevor, that have become synonymous with style. These eccentric names and designs have been a real hit with some of the top celebs and retail stores around the world, including Selfridges in London. Each product has been majestically showcased by photograph and comes attached with a small description on the item itself and on the uniqueness of the designing company. The price, size discount codes, and potential wish list can also be found alongside each item.

The homepage at acts as a plane of glass in a shop window, highlighting all the latest style and sales deals. Top discounted products and the most desirable items, such as the Traffic People range take centre stage here, ensuring the customer is well informed on all recent fashion and sales trends. Eternal Envy accepts a range of payment options, including a variety of card types, both in store and online. For the fashion hungry, signing up to the website newsletter will provide all the latest news, events and special offers as they develop.

For the largest range of glamorous and eclectic clothing styles, is the only site worth visiting for the fashion enthusiast.

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