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Litter Box Training For Your Cat by Alex Kelly

Cats and humans are very similar in their need for privacy when using the toilet. So getting your cat used to using the litter tray shouldn't be too hard.

The first step is location priority. The litter tray should be in a quiet area of the house. Don't pick a place where there will be a lot of traffic or noise and don't put it outside. It's best to avoid placing the litter box near your cats food or water bowls. A separate area for both feeding and toilet is vital. If your cat goes out a lot then an outhouse or shed with easy access is fine. Preferably place it with one wall behind it or in a corner. Make sure that your cat knows where the litter box is and that he doesn't have to travel far to reach it. If you have a large home and have more than one cat it might be a good idea to have an extra box. Also make sure that fresh newspaper is put under the cat tray as even clever cats have accidents. They also may go outside the box if they consider it dirty. You may think it's clean but a cat may not. Would you want to use a toilet that hasn't been flushed? Changing the litter more than twice a week is essential. Really it should be every day. You're more likely to have problems with your cat going in other parts of the house if you don't clean it regularly. A litter tray smelling of urine will not encourage them to use it. Most pet shops and websites have a good variety of litter trays. Pick one that gives your cat room enough to sit in without feeling cramped. If they can't move around then it may discourage them from using it. Also a lid for privacy is highly recommended.

Remember to never scold your cat if he has an accident as he will associate punishment with going to the toilet and using the litter tray. Instead place your cat in the box after and scratch at the litter to encourage them to copy you. Praising them when they do use it will help your cat understand that this is the right way to go to the toilet. Also at hourly intervals put your cat in the tray and they will get used to the idea that this is their area. It wont take long, cats are generally smart. Choosing the right litter is another way to encourage your cat to use the box, however this will definitely be trial and error. Different cats prefer different types. Some litters help with clumping others help with odour. There are plain types of litter as well as paper, mineral clay and wood pellets. Don't use anything that has a strong chemical scent as it wont entice your cat into using it. Clay is the most common base for cat litters as it naturally absorbs moisture. However it is strip mined and once used cannot break down in landfills.

Most organic litters are biodegradable. The usual type of organic materials used to make organic cat litter are, wood pellets and straw. It is widely considered by popular environmental groups that the use of organic materials should be encouraged as they are more environmentally friendly than traditional litter. Wheat or corn is sometimes used in litters, which seems very wasteful considering there are so many starving people in the world.

Biodegradable litters are made up from plant resources such as wheat , wood, barley, and re-cycled newspaper and can be clumping or non clumping. As mentioned before large amounts of non biodegradable cat litter are disposed of in landfills every year, so these biodegradable litters have the advantage of being totally safe by composting and many can even be flushed provided the quantities are small. This makes them appealing to owners who live in flats, homes without outside space, as well as to owners with a garden. Even though these types of litter tend to be more expensive they are more likely to last longer and therefore are more economical to use. Most importantly the health of your cat comes first and this type of litter tends to contain a lot less dust than the clay based litters, and are usually chemical free.

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