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Take The Stress Out Of Buying Holiday Clothes by Jamie Simpson

Hotel booked. Check. Flights confirmed. Check. Cat-sitter found. Check. Holiday wardrobe sorted. Uncheck. Aaagh. With 10 days to go until departure, finalising what to take on holiday always seems to be the most stressful part. Either weighed down with too much luggage, or finding you have taken all the wrong things, packing for a holiday should not be this arduous! Here, we give you some simple steps to make your holiday clothes shopping as pain-free as possible.

The key to success is to start planning early. What you take with you depends on where you're going and how long for, but there are essentials that practically all holidays, save the 20 day trek in Borneo or suchlike, require. Ok, you could just pack some jeans and a few t-shirts, but hey, you're reading this article, so we know you want to look good. Think capsule wardrobe. Shopping for this will be an investment as core items can be used year after year, with seasonal top-ups to add colour and style in the latest fashions.

Probably, your holiday clothes will need to cater for a mix of weather conditions, take you from evening to night, and revolve around what your core activities are likely to be. So, if two weeks on the beach forms the basis of your holiday, then a selection of bikinis and cover-ups should be your focus, along with some key pieces for sociable evenings.

Golden rules
- Each item taken should work in combination with at least one other item, ideally more.

- Buy bottoms in neutral colours to maximise which tops you can wear with what.

- Remember the golden ratio of three to four tops to every bottom.

- Items should work both dressed up and dressed down with some minor tweaks, e.g. cute Capri pants and t-shirt for sightseeing swapped with slinky top and kitten heals for night-time.

- Think wearable and packable fabrics. Yes, linen can look stylish, but not if it arrives creased and there is no iron in sight! Jersey and silk, packed carefully, make good choices.

- Weather changes can be catered for with simple layering - a good selection of cardigans or wraps in colours that work with several tops is the perfect solution.

- Every suitcase should have at least one dress that can be dressed up or down. How about a silk navy dress with spaghetti straps? Throw on a cardigan and some colourful beads for daytime shopping, and a shimmery scarf and sparkly earrings for the evening.

- Shoe-buying is not as complex as it seems - stick with the three pairs rule and you'll be covered for every occasion without over-loading your suitcase. Flip flops for beach, plimsolls for walking and travelling in, kitten heals to go with all your evening outfits. Easy.

- Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! It's amazing how different an outfit can look depending on what jewellery you wear. Nothing too expensive but a mix of colourful, bold and elegant semi-precious stone pieces plus a simple silver or gold chain should do the trick. And did I mention scarves? Light, easy to fold and take up no room. Pack five in different colours and patterns and you have instant versatility with your daily looks.

Follow these tips and you should be on your way with a lighter bag and happier heart. Bon voyage!

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March 23rd, 2012 at 12:59 pm