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Exclusive Diamond and Ruby Wedding Rings by Johnn Smith

A diamond and ruby engagement ring is a lovely and colorful choice to traditional diamonds-only engagement ring designs, and adding a colorful gem opens many new variations for a gorgeous and individual engagement ring.

Rubies are brilliantly colored semi precious gemstones that are greatly popular because of their rich red and pink hues. Ruby is crystalline red corundum - the similar chemical composition that, when it is any other color, is labeled sapphire. The red hues formed from chromium and iron in the crystal structure is extremely prized, however, particularly for ruby engagement rings.

Red and pink shades are traditionally associated with love and romance, making rubies perfect for engagement and wedding rings. Ruby is also the designated July birthstone, and birthstone engagement rings can be extremely symbolic and sentimental options for July-born brides or couples whose nuptials will take place at the height of summer. Rubies are also the traditional anniversary gems for the fifteenth and fortieth anniversaries, and a ruby and diamond anniversary ring can be a charming and meaningful gift.

Combining the clear fire of diamonds with the luscious red of a high quality ruby can produce stunning engagement ring designs for couples to choose from. There are four essential types of diamond and ruby rings, depending on how the different gems are highlighted within the design.

Central Rubies: These are the most admired types of diamond and ruby rings. In a central ruby design, the red jewel serves as the center stone and is flanked by brilliant diamond accents. There is great difference for these ruby ring designs, and both the ruby and diamond shapes and gem configurations can vary. Different engagement ring settings can be found, and accents may be solo diamonds or clusters of smaller gems.

Central Diamonds: Much more challenging to find but just as beautiful are diamond and ruby engagement ring designs that use a central diamond accented by smaller, colorful rubies. These rings more intimately resemble traditional diamond engagement rings but still have the colorful flair of a gemstone ring. Because these are harder to find, however, couples may need to investigate custom engagement rings or ruby accented semi mount diamond engagement rings.

Balanced Designs: Balanced ruby and diamond rings don't emphasize one type of gem over another. Instead, the gems are treated uniformly within the design and both serve to enhance the other. Diamond and ruby eternity rings are the most popular type of balanced design, whether the gems entirely encircle the ring or just create a lovely symmetrical pattern on the top portion of the band. Figural engagement rings may also balance diamonds and rubies, such as flower engagement rings that use a diamond as the center of the bloom and rubies for pretty red petals. Serpent and cat rings with ruby eyes and butterfly engagement rings with ruby wings are also admired.

Fashion Ruby Rings: Fashion and right hand rings using rubies can be beautiful and unique engagement rings. Swirls, boxter settings, open or solid hearts, bypass designs and other exceptional options can be found with both rubies and diamonds.

A diamond and ruby engagement ring can be just as beautiful as a more traditional diamond style, but it adds a luxurious, colorful glitter with a rich red hue. Perfect for many couples, there is a wide range of ruby engagement rings couples can choose from to signify the red-hot nature of their love.

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April 4th, 2012 at 10:27 pm