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Why Non-Profits Should Blog by charley

When you have an event coming up, you can use it to ask your supporters to spread the word,

and you can add more information as you have it.

For instance, say you're holding a dinner/auction. You can use your blog to get prospective

bidders excited about great auction items as they're donated, offer discounts on dinner or raffle

tickets, or even let them know how many tickets have been sold - or still need to be sold.

If you're working on an on going project you can let them know about your progress. And... when

an urgent need arises, you can ask for help.

If your contact list is in an autoresponder (It is, isn't it?) you can set it up to let them know every

time there's a new blog post - so you'll be reaching out to your current friends, members, and

donors, and to people who find you through website links or search functions.

Blogs are also a good way to stay in touch with members, so they're not left in the dark about

happenings. Remember, you can set up a blog for "members only" if you want to use it for

non-public information. So it can be an ongoing log of activities - and that can help jog inactive

members into pitching in. It's a way to share both concerns and good news to keep them


I'm not involved in the day to day doings of our local rescue any more - so I would love it if they

sent out a notice each time a dog or cat was adopted. I'd also love to see those good messages

that say a dog and his person have been reunited - for me that was one of the very best

happenings, especially when I could see the joy on both their faces.

Your blog can be set up so several people can post to it - and of course so that everyone can


Remember to set up your sidebar with a link to your main site - and a link to your donation page.

You can even add links to affiliate sites that will help put money in the bank. Do all you can to

make it easy for people to help your cause.

If you haven't done it, get busy!

Then send out a letter to all of your current and past donors, friends, business acquaintances,

and members telling them that it's there. Put a notice on the bottom of your emails - and your

business cards, too - and invite everyone to participate.

You never know, you might get some new members, some new ideas, and even some new


Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter who specializes in making people feel good about buying

products or services, or donating to worthy causes.

She has extensive experience in writing fundraising letters, search engine optimized web copy,

direct sales letters, postcards, space ad copy, press releases, and more. She is also available

for marketing plan creation and editing services.

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