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Dental care and good nutrition are important for both cats and dogs by Davis Morris

If you have a cat or a dog that is approaching their senior years you might be worrying about their cat health or dog health. Looking at good cat nutrition and dog nutrition is important for your pet right from their early years.

Cats and dogs are likely to show signs of gum disease by the time they are three years old. Like humans, their teeth over the years will have a build up of plaque. A large dog’s teeth will benefit if brushed with a dog toothbrush, finger toothbrush and dog toothpaste. Brushing up and down is best. Smaller dogs with little teeth may be better off with the smaller toothbrush. At this stage it may take longer for your pet to adapt to having his teeth cleaned.

Cats will require a smaller toothbrush. Cleaning teeth should be a painting technique on their teeth, not up and down. Good cat nutrition and dog nutrition is attained by taking care of a pets teeth, supplying them with good food that has quality ingredients and vitamins in them.

A few ways of recognising if pet is suffering from joint problems is when they struggle to get upstairs or from lying down. If your pet becomes less playful or lags behind on his daily walk, joint problems may well be occurring.

Our trained people at Hills Pets are very experienced and can provide expert advice on cat nutrition, dog nutrition and pet care.

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