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Find Me A Gift brings you a superb selection of shapes to slap around your wrists! is an online gift company based in the Midlands. They stock a huge variety of gifts, gadgets and gizmos. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then look no further!

Silly Bandz Wristbands are fabulous rubber bands that come in an assortment of shapes and colours. Made from silicone these ingenious bands have been moulded into various animals and objects. There are six sets to collect including Zoo Animals, Pets, Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs, Princesses and Alphabet. You can pop Silly Bandz Wristbands on your wrists, use them as hair bands or simply wrap them around anything you like. Once you take your Silly Bandz Wristbands off they will magically go back to their original shape. Silly Bandz Wristbands make fantastic gifts for absolutely anyone over the age of 4!

Silly Bandz Wristbands are the latest craze sweeping America and they look set to do the same here. But unlike a lot of fads, (bottle-tops on your shoes anyone?!) these amazing Silly Bandz Wristbands come in a variety of shapes and colours as well as uses. You don't have to restrict these terrific wristbands to just your wrists! Made from 100% silicone, you can use these brilliant Silly Bandz Wristbands to tie up your hair, band together your pens and pencils and to wrap around other objects. You can attach them to a belt or a key ring or even onto a necklace chain, if you so choose. You can swap them with your friends too!

There are six super sets to choose from. The Pets, Zoo Animals, Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs and Princess packs all contain 24 rubber bands, while the Alphabet pack contains 36 rubber bands. If you love your doggies, kitties and bunnies, then you'll love the Silly Bandz Wristbands †Pets as this set includes a dog, cat, duck, rabbit, pig and a tortoise. But if you prefer your animals a little bit on the wild side then the Zoo Animals set is for you. This pack features a giraffe, hippo, kangaroo, rhino, elephant and an emu! Hey, with 24 Silly Bandz, you really will have a zoo on your hands, or should I say around your wrists?!

If you practically have flippers for feet and love life under the ocean waves, then the Sea Creatures Silly Bandz Wristbands will be calling to you. With a fish, penguin, seal, seahorse, shark and a dolphin, you can create your own little sea-world on your arm. For those who like their creatures prehistoric, then opt for the Dinosaurs Silly Bandz. This collection lets a T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and a Tyrannosaurus roam all over your arms. But just to make sure you can track them down, they've also unearthed and thrown in a dino footprint Silly Bandz too!

Is Cinderella your idol? If you or someone you know lives in a land far, far away, then Silly Bandz Wristbands †Princess will be a dream rubber band set come true. Well, providing that you have always wanted a princess, castle, wand, shoe, crown and, of course, tiara rubber bands to accessorise with! As for the Alphabet set, hmm, I guess that one is pretty self-explanatory! Plus it also comes with an extra A, E, I, O, U, S, L, T, F and G.

So if you want some colourful characters to slap around your wrists, pick up a pack or collect all six of the incredible Silly Bandz Wristbands!

Find Me a Gift offers everything online without the need for people to spend money on petrol, parking and inflated prices. With special offers and free shipping with orders over 100, this online store has everything from cheap novelty items to luxury experiences. Find Me a Gift is one of the UK's leading online gift retailers (ranked in the Top 10 by Hitwise). Established in June 2000, the company specialises in a wide variety of gadgets, experiences, toys and personalised gifts with worldwide delivery.

Jesse Jones
Find Me A Gift

Because giving feels good...

Jesse Jones joined Find Me A Gift in May 2008 and has been writing fabulous articles for us ever since!

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April 3rd, 2012 at 9:11 pm