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MeowHouseKittens | Meow House Kittens Are The Best by Michael Landonson Price

What comes to mind when you imagine Persian and Himalayan Kittens? I think of the cutest and most adorable little kittens placed on Earth. When you look at Persian Kittens and Himalayan Kittens, they look so clueless and they have the flattest little faces. They kind of look like Garfield. Was he a Persian or Himalayan Cat? Who knows. Anywaysâ€

I wanted to write a personal review of what I think about MeowHouseKittens. I think MeowHouseKittens is the most exclusive cattery with the most adorable kittens. No one else even compares. Besides looks, MeowHouseKittens raise their kittens to be healthy, loving, and friendly. This is a really rare trait in a cattery.

Have you ever seen those cats at pet stores? They look so poor and helpless. I promise you I saw one once said, â€HELP! Get me out of here!†Ok, not really but they do look like they would say that if they could talk.

The solid backbone of any business is built and maintained by its owner. MeowHouseKittens and owned, managed, and operated by Shannon McGraw. Shannon is a middle school teacher by day and a cat lover full time. She really loves kittens and after her children went off to college, she started Meow House Kittens to fulfill and pursue her passion even further.

MeowHouseKittens has received accreditation by The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA),,, and With that many associations happily reviewing Meow House Kittens, you know you have got a cattery that really knows what they are doing.

I really love the patience and time spent with the kittens of MeowHouseKittens. They are raised with love from their breeder other as well as Shannon. Shannon keeps her kittens in their natural habitat as long as possible to keep them well adapted so that they grow up to become personable and charming.

There is nothing worse than an unhappy kitten and non-sociable kitty. You will not get that from MeowHouseKittens. Only cuddly kittens reside their.

One of the practices, MeowHouseKittens follows to keep their kittens healthy is only feeding them distilled water with vitamins. This allows the kittens to receive all the nutrients they need and require to grow and live long and healthy lives.

Cat breeders are chosen and hand picked only if they meet a few very important criteria. They must be personable, charming, and polite. This ensures the offspring will adopt the same traits as well.

With MeowHouseKittens you also have a health guarantee that is followed up with a health sales contract. This just goes to show how sure of themselves Meow House Kittens is.

Meow House Kittens is the place to go to get the cutest and best bred Persian and Himalayan Kittens on the planet. MeowHouseKittens is owned and operated by Shannon McGraw.

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Written by Kitty Cat Central

March 20th, 2012 at 11:42 am