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Cat Kitten Mouse

Pet Games Online- Virtual Pet Game by Gen Wright

Virtual pet game is a free online pet game which features a virtual pet that you have to care. When the game starts, you can choose from three types of virtual kittens including Burmese, Somali, and Himalayan. Each cat has a different difficulty caring level. The Himalayan kitten is the hardest to care for. If the cat has a higher difficulty care level, you need to constantly care for it so that it won't run away.

There are four menus on top of the screen including food, exercise, and care. When the cat is sitting on top of the pad, you can select command from the menu. To care for the cat, you must click one of the buttons. After that, a drop down menu will appear. The drop down menu contains the care options. You can choose from two types of food including Cat Purina and Whisker Lickin. The cat can exercise in three ways including chasing the mouse toy, playing with the feather, and performing aerobic dance to the radio music. There are three types of care options including hand petting the cat, brushing the cat hair, and cleaning the toilet.

Players have to keep caring for the cat and not let the time out. The time remaining is displayed in red dots at the bottom of the screen. If you did not look after the needs of the cat, the cat will cry. After a while, the cat will leave the game and the game is over. Different cats have different ways of leaving the game. The Burmese cat will carry a bag that is tied to a stick and placed on her shoulder when leaving. The Somali cat will rush into the standalone toilet and fly up when leaving. If you did not continuously look after the Himalayan cat, a white limousine will come into the living room and fetch her away. The cat can leave even if the time if not yet up. The goal of the game is to keep caring for the cat until the there is no more time remaining.

The need bar of the cat is displayed on top of the screen. The need bar is represented in green dots. The higher the difficulty of the cat, the faster the need bar will disappear. If the green dots are filled up, it means that the cat is being care for properly. The lesser the green dots, the more unhappy the cat is. When there is only one green dot left, the cat will pack its bag and leave the house and the game is over. The wellness bar is represented by the PRRRRRRRRRRRR bar. The PRRRRRRRRRRRR wellness bar determines the wellness of the cat.

Virtual pet game is a fun and educational pet game for girls to play with. It teaches children that they must constantly look after their pet so that their needs will be fulfilled. It lets children know that their pet will be sad if they neglected in showing love for them.

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