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Use Pet Cremation Urns to Help Deal with Your Loss by Lenette Hall

You are normal to grieve the loss of a pet. Pet loss may be an even more difficult process than grieving for a human loved one. Your support network of understanding and caring people may be smaller. Friends, family, co-workers, etc., tend to be more sympathetic of a human loss of life. They may send cards, flowers, and offer food and companionship. This is often not the case when a pet dies.

The death of a pet friend is difficult enough to bear; and in some cases, the whereabouts or cause of death of the pet is unknown. In these situations, there is seldom any 'closure'. You don't know if the pet has died or is lost. As a result, when to stop searching and when to start the grieving process is blurred. Sometimes there may also be added guilt associated with this type of loss.

Doing something positive during this time of sadness can ease the grieving process by celebrating the life of the pet. Whether you've selected pet cremation, burial, or just want to work through the loss of your dog or cat, you have an advantage in creating a lasting tribute to your special friend.

Activities which may help include:
- Memorializing your pet in a personalized urn to honor the memory.
- Placing a portion of the ashes or fur in a pet cremation jewelry urn.
- Planting flowers or a tree in memory of the pet.
- Placing a personalized pet memorial garden stone, stepping stone, or tree dedication marker in honor of the pet.
- Holding a funeral or memorial service.
- Creating a memorial photo album or scrap book; perhaps simply framing a photograph.
- Making a charitable donation or volunteering at a local shelter.

If you decide to purchase a cremation urn for your pet, are you keeping it in the home? What's your style or favorite color? Cat and dog urns are available in wood, metal, marble, stone, or personalized photo pet urns.

When selecting a pet urn, consider the size of your pet. Crematory pet urns are measured in cubic inch capacity and an easy rule to use is one cubic inch equals one pound of body weight. An example would be an 80 cubic inch urn will hold up to an 80 pound pet.

Pet-owners that have several pets in the house may notice that the departed pets companions are grieving as well and this may last for a couple of weeks.

Should you get another pet? The choice is a personal one. You'll know when you are ready. Some people may want to find a new pet immediately. Sometimes, unrealistic expectations may be placed on the new pet, especially if the individual is getting a young, rambunctious animal after an older, mature pet has died. Other individuals may need longer to work through their grief before they are physically and emotionally ready for another pet. In either case, you are not replacing your pet, but finding another companion to enjoy life with. Some people may find that it's just not possible to have another pet.

Grieving the loss of a pet is a process that takes time and everyone deals with the situation differently. Whatever you may be going through, there are resources available that can help you work through this difficult and painful time, as well as help you create a lasting memorial with a crematory pet urn, pet burial urn, urn photo, or urn jewelry to honor the time and life you spend with your pet.

Urn Garden offers a variety of quality, low-cost burial and scattering urns, cremation keepsake jewelry, urn medallions, and garden memorial stones to fit your style-creating a lasting memorial for the departed. Whatever your style, UrnGarden is honored to help you make a difficult selection a little easier. For more information on cremation urns or memorials, please visit or call 417-880-8887.

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